Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Night @ YKPC

Christmas Night @ my church~

Instead of going caroling like we did every year, my church decided to have a Christmas Night on the actual day instead~ Here's us rushing the preparation for the event~

My handicraft!

1st time ever that I managed to feel so proud of my own art work~ It's actually depicting the Bethlehem scene~

Had to mass produce tons of pegs for the door gifts and took up almost a whole day to complete them~ But I had a sense of achievement after looking at the finished products!

-Decoration in progress-

Just some pictures of the event~
Praise & Worship Session followed by the message for the night~

Pretty obvious which I'm doing right? Definitely not the message part. =p

Time for some fun & games~

Felt super duper tired after that but it was real fun~

Love my church to the max! I've always said that it's like my extended family~ XDD

Align Center

Daily musings~


I'm back! Real fast ain't I? =p

Currently at Jon's archery training and when there's nothing to keep me entertained, I entertain myself! Thank Steve Jobs for iPhone! Hahaha!

Oops! Spotted!


Back to 'serious' stuff which is just mainly spamming photos for this post as I know I owe you guys lots of updates and what better way to show what's going on besides photos? A picture speaks a thousand words ya? So do the calculation for yourself. =p

Random camwhores in church~

JOY! Back from visiting Jean in Brisbane.
That's another girl that I miss so so so so much!

No, this is not a before & after photo~ Hahaha!
Just had to camwhore with Xin Lei's new hairstyle. =p

Cute right? His hair is ALWAYS up!

Besides the awesome family I have in church, had to meet up with my dearest 'boyfriend'/sister who I missed like mad in Vietnam!
Leen Leen!

And here's the gal who missed me loads when I was away!

Kimmy Kim Kim!~

Crasher! She's been sneaking to SMU to see me! Muahaha!
Crazy woman!

Having fun in the GSR~

Science 101 - Static

And with the increasing workload, people are starting to morph into muggers..or at least start looking like one~

My awesome lens-less specs~

Meeting my LTB group later to discuss the presentation for tomorrow~ Tomorrow's gonna be a tiring day~ Interview as an events associates in the morning, followed by LTB presentation and jalan-ing at Chinatown with Jon & Leen after that~ Wheeee!
Okie, time to stop typing~ Go click click on ads around the bloggie yea? Still looking for jobs now so if you know of any, share ar? XDD

Monday, January 24, 2011

..... Knock knock?

Greetings earthlings!

I've just escaped from the mothership and am back to report my safety status.

Okok, I'm just joking~ It's been more than a month since I've last blogged and I do apologise for the lack of updates! I did arrive safely back from Vietnam, no worries about that, but there were just piles of work and shit for me to settle resulting in the 'dustiness' of this bloggie!

Many things happened and after much contemplation, I've decided to just move on. Sometimes, no matter what you say, what you do or what you want doesn't matter, So why bother?
Maybe it's harsh, but I guess, it's just me. Maybe it's all a facade, maybe it's not. I don't know. Sometimes, I'm lost trying to find myself too. But that's what life is all about, isn't it?


No more emo-ness! My blog can't take too much of it~ XDD

Anyway, the past month has pretty hectic. Meet-ups, school, church and many more~
I had lots of meet-ups to do upon arriving back to civilization from Vietnam. Missed Kim, Leen, Joy & the 'Sisters' so much lar!

Speaking of Vietnam, it was a blast!

I had an awesome time there and it's gonna be one of my deepest etched memories! (inside joke) Tons of photos were taken and I have no idea where to start blogging about, but I'll try. Heex. Hopefully I'll be able to do up a small post regarding it during the CNY week. =)

Lots of random updates regarding this past month that if I were to list them all in this post, it will probably flood my blog. Hahaha! Some notable updates are gonna be like my church's Xmas Nite, meet-up with Kimmy Kim Kim and beach shoot with Leen, Kuromi & Haru.

My 2nd semester @ SMU has started and I feel like I'm getting to be more studious this year. Seriously! Maybe my transition to SMU is finally done~

Gonna start working hard!~がんばって!

Currently in class now but as my fingers started to itch, I knew I had to blog for just a teeny little while. Heex.. Shall end off here now but I promise you that you will not have to wait sooooo long for the next post kay? So do stick around here and while you're bored, do clickie-click on my ads. Ms Jo here needs to find a job pronto! Do email me if you have any job lobangs orhkay? XDD

Cya for now and don't miss moi too much~ =p

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