Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Night @ YKPC

Christmas Night @ my church~

Instead of going caroling like we did every year, my church decided to have a Christmas Night on the actual day instead~ Here's us rushing the preparation for the event~

My handicraft!

1st time ever that I managed to feel so proud of my own art work~ It's actually depicting the Bethlehem scene~

Had to mass produce tons of pegs for the door gifts and took up almost a whole day to complete them~ But I had a sense of achievement after looking at the finished products!

-Decoration in progress-

Just some pictures of the event~
Praise & Worship Session followed by the message for the night~

Pretty obvious which I'm doing right? Definitely not the message part. =p

Time for some fun & games~

Felt super duper tired after that but it was real fun~

Love my church to the max! I've always said that it's like my extended family~ XDD

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