Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily musings~


I'm back! Real fast ain't I? =p

Currently at Jon's archery training and when there's nothing to keep me entertained, I entertain myself! Thank Steve Jobs for iPhone! Hahaha!

Oops! Spotted!


Back to 'serious' stuff which is just mainly spamming photos for this post as I know I owe you guys lots of updates and what better way to show what's going on besides photos? A picture speaks a thousand words ya? So do the calculation for yourself. =p

Random camwhores in church~

JOY! Back from visiting Jean in Brisbane.
That's another girl that I miss so so so so much!

No, this is not a before & after photo~ Hahaha!
Just had to camwhore with Xin Lei's new hairstyle. =p

Cute right? His hair is ALWAYS up!

Besides the awesome family I have in church, had to meet up with my dearest 'boyfriend'/sister who I missed like mad in Vietnam!
Leen Leen!

And here's the gal who missed me loads when I was away!

Kimmy Kim Kim!~

Crasher! She's been sneaking to SMU to see me! Muahaha!
Crazy woman!

Having fun in the GSR~

Science 101 - Static

And with the increasing workload, people are starting to morph into muggers..or at least start looking like one~

My awesome lens-less specs~

Meeting my LTB group later to discuss the presentation for tomorrow~ Tomorrow's gonna be a tiring day~ Interview as an events associates in the morning, followed by LTB presentation and jalan-ing at Chinatown with Jon & Leen after that~ Wheeee!
Okie, time to stop typing~ Go click click on ads around the bloggie yea? Still looking for jobs now so if you know of any, share ar? XDD

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