Monday, January 12, 2009

Post Open House, Photos and tiredness...

Open House 2009 is over.

I am tired.

I got lots of photos from Thailand trip and Open House.

Please proceed to Facebook to see Thailand trip pictures.
(Link to my Facebook Photos)

Majority of Open House Pictures will be there too.

I'm tired after Open House.

1 Presentation and 2 Role Plays coming up.

Preparation of Club Crawl and SJCC Camp soon.

I can't wait to get the final book of Princess Diaries and also Breaking Dawn.

Enough blogging. Some pictures!~

In Thailand

Candy Apple..Yumyum!!
Chocolate Ice Kacang

So Big!!!!
I see a butt...

Fish & Co. (2008 New Year's Eve)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Niu Year!

I'm back in Singapore for some time and don't worry, I did not die in Thailand. LOL...Just too lazy to blog and lack of time.

2009 is here and its the start of a new year meaning that there are lots of things to do and prepare. School work, Open house, woah! Busy busy busy. First thing to get over is my BFin and EFMA test next tuesday, followed by my presentation on wednesday and finally, OPEN HOUSE! Wheeee.............................

I got quite a few photos between this period of time but haven't got the chance to upload. (too lazy) but I will do it soon. XDD

Can't wait for most of my school work to pass and let me take a break, then it will be Chingay!

Open house is being a headache now looking at the juniors settling the booth and stuff. Really wish them luck. But somehow, I feel that we are helping them too much unlike last year where we did majority of the planning and our seniors helped a little. Really different. Oh well. Let's just hope it will turn out ok.

Finished watching Bedtime Story and IP Man. Both are equally cool. IP Man was niceeeee. And so cool. The fight moves are zai and exciting all the way. XDD Bedtime story like any Disney show is nice and funny. Lol, went to watch with G4 + 1, D2. Hahas. I'll post better reviews and the poster up next time.

Happy Birthday to KK tomorrow! bGoh also told me that this sunday there will be 6/10 class dinner / gathering. Probably going I guess. Long time since I've seen them. Really long. LOL.

That's all for now, going to Pets Society. Its a cool game. XDDDD

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