Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas eve

Christmas is approaching, so... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

lol. I've just finished my christmas shopping. Lol..Okay will update more about christmas later. Gotta go prepare for carolling,lol.

But, Penang was great, jet-skiing and lots of shopping. Whahaha. I bought 10 animes back to Singapore, original. Lots of fun, my cousins are all able to drive now: Jealous. Lol. Okay, really gotta run to prepare. Will update later.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

5 more days!


Well, just 5 more days and I'll be back in Penang. Ahhh..I can't wait!!! I guess Kim and Benjamina are already hopping around their house with excitement. At least Kim will be jumping around. Lucky girl, she gets to go to her 'dream country': Korea!!!!! When will I ever get to go to Japan??? Lol. At least I can look forward to going back to Penang, hehehex.

Oh, I just finished watching the whole series of Love Hina and Hantsuki. Love Hina was average to me but Hantsuki was quite good. Heard Hantsuki will have a sequel to it. Hopefully. Lols. I'm really bored now...No more anime to watch. Time to download more, Whahahaha.

Have a safe trip everyone!!! Have fun on your trip(esp Kim) and don't give us a shock when you arrive back in Singapore(esp Benjamina)!!!
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