Tuesday, December 5, 2006

5 more days!


Well, just 5 more days and I'll be back in Penang. Ahhh..I can't wait!!! I guess Kim and Benjamina are already hopping around their house with excitement. At least Kim will be jumping around. Lucky girl, she gets to go to her 'dream country': Korea!!!!! When will I ever get to go to Japan??? Lol. At least I can look forward to going back to Penang, hehehex.

Oh, I just finished watching the whole series of Love Hina and Hantsuki. Love Hina was average to me but Hantsuki was quite good. Heard Hantsuki will have a sequel to it. Hopefully. Lols. I'm really bored now...No more anime to watch. Time to download more, Whahahaha.

Have a safe trip everyone!!! Have fun on your trip(esp Kim) and don't give us a shock when you arrive back in Singapore(esp Benjamina)!!!

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