Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Okay, 1st of all, happy birthday to Jean's wife, WENDY!!! hohoho. 364 days older than moiz~ And I'm trying so hard to keep my eyes open while typing this, so this will be an extremely short post as I gotta look through some notes for my upcoming test on friday. I'll try my best. Actually, nothing much..had a pretty crappy day with my cca friends and so. Okies, going off now. Nites!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Birthday Celebration 2

Birthday Celebration 2

All celebrations are done. Had a small celebration with my family and some of my church members. After unwrapping all my presents, I realised that I have received lots of bags this year. Hahas. A big thanks to all who remembered and those who only remembered when someone reminded them *hint hint*. hahas. So far, I received 4 bags, 1 belt, 3 T-shirts, 2 frames(not for my death photo) and a 'poem' from the poet bGoh. Hahas. I'm going to receive a 20 carat ring from Chiang and something 'crappy' from Kim as she had hinted to me.

So, from bGoh:

P.S. Thanks so much for using such a niceeee picture of me. Hahas

Thanks so much to all who wished me. Though I feel extremely old now. LOL. K. Thanks again!! Tata!

Birthday celebration Part 1


So, just after I finished school today, Fifi, Brina(Sabrina), JiaJia(Hui Jia) & I went down to Bishan Junction 8 to celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yep, and if you haven't guess, its the birthday of the demure, lovely, nice, kind, etc etc girl, Joanna!! hahas. So, we went to Bishan and ate at Swensens. Hahas, brought back fond memories. Hahas. We ate and Brina wanted to eat ice-cream all by herself and I found out that she is a bottomless pit. She can really eat a lot and ice-cream+whipped cream is her favourite. LOL. Its amazing that she is so skinny. Hahas. Afterwards, they began plotting my demise surprises that include buying a slice of cake for me and in the end, they also end up being surprised when the Swensens' staff saw them smuggling cake in and gave us a free Firehouse Ice-cream. Lol. We kept eating and was at the point of gorging ourselves with cake, ice-cream and so on. I'm sure we put on at least 2-3kg. Choco ice-cream and cake. How not to? Afterwards, we started taking lame and crappy pictures with our handphone and I've promised them that I will upload it on my blog, so don't blame me if this page hangs. whahahaha. we had loads of fun crapping and stuff like that. And really, Brina is a super blur girl. Blur Brina. Thanks to all of you for celebrating for me. Hahas. Kim was supposed to join us but due to overheating in the oven and sauna, she didn't join us. Wasted. Hahas, well, there is always a next time. Yep. 2nd part of celebration starts when my family and some church friends come home. Hohohoho. Okie. Here are the pictures~

Celebrating my birthday at Bishan Junction 8 Swensens with Fifi, Brina and JiaJia.

The present from them. So Cool!!!


Me with my free firehouse ice-cream!!

Fifi and I

Brina & me

JiaJia & me

Fifi and Me.

Having our cake and eating it too.

Drinking is good for health.
Part-time water promoters at Swensens

And suddenly, Fifi tried to kill me!!!
I'm so scared...NOT

Brina, JiaJia & Fifi happily eating cherries.

A humongous piece of cake from Secret Recipe

Having my 1st bite.

Brina so excited about her ice-cream. LOL

She's in love with the cherry. Hohoho

JiaJia enjoying her ice-cream.

Brina & Jia. Kinda of scary


Crazy Sweet Lovely Demure Cool 17

My day is going pretty well now. Got back a few tests and projects and amazingly, I managed to get quite good marks. I can't believe it...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. hahas, inside joke. Well, nothing much but just wanna say a super big thanks out to all who wished me and esp to Fifi, Brina and JiaJia!!!!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful present!!! Hahas.I Shall take pics of it and post it here soon. Its great to have friends like them. And also my dear partner-in-crime, KIMMY!!!! Thanks so much for ur morning birthday wishes. Hahas. Heex. Just a short post. Thanks to all too. Hahas. Tata for now!~

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The 2 Js


Today was a super crazy day for me again. Went out with Jeanie-Beanie/Jean the Bean. We went to Jurong library to watch movies study. Yep, we are 2 good girls. We ate at Long John and went straight to the library and started watching HP3. Just when we've reached the climax of the show, some stupid security guard came and told us " No watching movies, playing games and listening to music in the library." And at that moment, I seriously felt like telling the AN that we should all be deaf currently as there was a band playing in the library at that time and that means we are currently listening to music. Boo ha! Sadly, I did not. Due to our moods being dampened by him, we did not continue watching movies but I started playing my computer games with Jean as my lookout. We went crazy with it, mainly Jean who started hitting madly on my keyboard and forgot all about studying. Later on, we looked at a few pictures when we were small and adorable, we went extremely high due to some 'before & after' pictures. It was then I realised that a person's hairstyle can change your look totally. The 2 of us were laughing so madly that I'm supplies surprised that the security guard didn't come to warn us again. After a while, we went to eat Long John again and was calming down, however, Jean had decided to drip some cheese on my finger and that got us all cracking up.(Don't worry, I've filled up all the cracks with glue. whahahaha) We started with some stories and in the end, we started going quite high again. All in all, it was a crazy day for me. hahas. I can't wait to watch HP5 with the youth group and of course with Kim. Hahas, on separate day though. whahahaha.

P.S. Jean, I totally agree that Chris Evans is hot because he is the fire-man in Fantastic 4, but draco's much much hotter!!! Draco FTW!!!!! hahas~

Monday, June 18, 2007


I'M BACK!!!!!!

The heading says all. Hahas. Just came back from my church 4 days 3 nights chalet/camp. Heex. Quite tired due to lack of sleep but not tired enough to not go shopping. lol. Let's see, the camp was erm erm...WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! Not just because of the camp activities but I can feel that our youth group is much more bonded now. We had loads of fun and I think I went high lots of time in the chalet, especially in the afternoon and night. Hahas, symphony orchestra and creepy voice. lmao..Lots and lots of fun with the youth group. I guess the best part of the chalet was when I'm with the youth group. Watching movies/parodies, going high, playing games and washing the dishes which led to us choking the sink with curry. Oh yea, I played with gatsby wax too. Styled Jovan's hair..hahas, it was damn cool. I think I have a future in styling. Hohoho. We watched Little Miss Sunshine after I finished styling his hair, it was quite good but soon, most of them fell asleep and after the movie, my leg went numb due to a pair of PIG's legs on my feet. Hahas. But overall, it was really really cool and great. My group rocks too!!!! Hahas. Kk, just came back from shopping and chalet lagging too. hahas..sleep sleep, my beauty sleep(not that I need it.Hahas)

Oh yea, my group cheer, our group name is Moses, so here goes:
(sing to the tune of twinkle twinkle star)

Moses, Moses, faithful man
Led the Israelites out of Egypt
Spilt the red sea into half
Take the ten commandments out
Moses, Moses, faithful man
He was God's man to the end.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

PIRATES!!! again

PIRATES!!!! again...

WOOOT!!!!! I went to watch POC 3 again with Kim this time round. Anyway, you can read about it in Kim's blog. Hahas. Shrek Shrek. I want shrekie shrek!!!! POC 3 is still super uber cool!! hahas. I don't think I was the only one watching POC 3 the 2nd time as there was a girl behind us who also kept 'spoiling' the show. I was a nice and wonderful person as I didn't spoil the show. Hahas. Coming Up Next: Shrek 3!!! Gotta wait for Kim to watch it too, along with some of our props. Heex. I met up with Kim on thurs too, went to crash BLow's lecture and was having fun playing games and watching movies. Whee. I got lots and lots of movies and games now. Whahahaha.

Hmmm, on the other hand, my hols has just started and my mom is already flying off for a week tonight. She will be playing with sheep and cows in New Zealand for a week or more. On the bright side, she will be back for my birthday. *Hint Hint*
Nothing much, quite jam-packed/kaya-packed for the next week. Got around 1 project, Cosplay meetings, class gathering, church camp/chalet, birthday shopping, Shrek watching, anime watching, game playing and studying for ICAs. Phew. I think I can manage. Whahahaha. SHREK SHREK SHREK!!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007



I'm spreading Animeism around since I've entered NYP. So far, the animes I've been spreading around are FRUITS BASKET & OURAN HIGH SCHOOL, following close behind them are Kanon(2006), Haruhi Suzumiya and soon Gakuen Alice and Kamisama Kazoku. Whee Whoo. I've already passed most of these animes to 6 people and introducing more animes to others. Whahahaha. Animeism~ Just a short post.

Today Chiang and Bteo came over to NYP. Met up with a few other people who came from Chr but are currently studying in NYP. Bteo wanted to crash my lecture at first but later they went to play basketball leaving Chiang alone. Being the nice person I am, I took the little chicken(Chiang) to my lecture where he was happily gaying with Bgoh and Jabez on my msn. After the short lecture, we went to sit at Macs and started watching animes..heex. On the way to CWP, I realised something new. Bteo and Chiang talk like pregnant girls. They were discussing what not to eat and so, how much fat it contains. Sheesh, seriously. We went to MOS to eat, well, I was the only one eating seeing how they wanted to keep their slim figures, ah, never mind. And through our small talk, I realised that Bteo is a dmn good brother. Zai man.

Hmmm, nothing much for now. Looking forward to thursday and friday. Whee Whoo~

Friday, June 1, 2007

1 last week


Ahhh~ One last week till the hols!! Woot Woot~!

Well, this term is quite a good one, not bad as I'm having lots of fun in school already. School is kinda of cool. my 7 weeks at NYP, I've met quite a few familiar faces, from primary mates and secondary mates. 1st off: I met Jonathan Quek, Wei Lun from the same class as me in Primary 6. I met Emily from chr, lots of our secondary 4 batch people from chr too. Especially people from 4/3. I still see BLow here and there and Rodney too. It seems like I always 'bumped' into him in the library. Super hard-working I guess. I've only met Lina and Yu Ling once and no more. Hahas. Hmmmm..nothing much, I'm in my Effective Oral Lab now and its quite a free time for us now so I decided to post. WHEE~!!!! Movie next friday with Kimochi. Wahoo~!

Okay, time to do my outline for my speech seeing that I didn't do it yesterday due to POC 3. Ahhh~ Pirates pirates pirates!!!

POC 3: At World's End

POC 3: At World's End

I just got back after watching POC 3: At World's End. It was great!!!! I went to watch it with my brother and obviously I didn't have to pay. Heex. Well, it was not a disappointment for me and it was really good. Jack Sparrow!!! Woot!~ I guess there will be a POC 4 judging from the ending. Ahhhhh...Jack Sparrow is cool, Elizabeth too. Hahas..Shan't spoil for those who haven't watch it yet. Whahahaha..Hmm. Nothing much, all of my written ICAs are over and it will be quite a relaxing week for me now. Next Target: Shrek 3 with Kimochi~ Wahoo~!!!! Though I'm feeling kinda of sleepy but I decided to be a good girl like I am and blog today. Its a great day for me today, whee whoo.. the sun is shining bright(even though its 12.25am) and I finally watched POC 3. Yay yay yay!!!! POC 3 POC 3. Lots of crabs in the show. Not really a spoiler. The fighting scenes are dmn cool. Oops, I hoped I didn't spoil anything. Heex. Okiest. I shall go zoink now or esle I won't make it for my early class tomorrow morning. Sigh~ Nitesy Nitest.

POC 3~~~
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