Friday, June 1, 2007

POC 3: At World's End

POC 3: At World's End

I just got back after watching POC 3: At World's End. It was great!!!! I went to watch it with my brother and obviously I didn't have to pay. Heex. Well, it was not a disappointment for me and it was really good. Jack Sparrow!!! Woot!~ I guess there will be a POC 4 judging from the ending. Ahhhhh...Jack Sparrow is cool, Elizabeth too. Hahas..Shan't spoil for those who haven't watch it yet. Whahahaha..Hmm. Nothing much, all of my written ICAs are over and it will be quite a relaxing week for me now. Next Target: Shrek 3 with Kimochi~ Wahoo~!!!! Though I'm feeling kinda of sleepy but I decided to be a good girl like I am and blog today. Its a great day for me today, whee whoo.. the sun is shining bright(even though its 12.25am) and I finally watched POC 3. Yay yay yay!!!! POC 3 POC 3. Lots of crabs in the show. Not really a spoiler. The fighting scenes are dmn cool. Oops, I hoped I didn't spoil anything. Heex. Okiest. I shall go zoink now or esle I won't make it for my early class tomorrow morning. Sigh~ Nitesy Nitest.

POC 3~~~

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