Monday, June 18, 2007


I'M BACK!!!!!!

The heading says all. Hahas. Just came back from my church 4 days 3 nights chalet/camp. Heex. Quite tired due to lack of sleep but not tired enough to not go shopping. lol. Let's see, the camp was erm erm...WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! Not just because of the camp activities but I can feel that our youth group is much more bonded now. We had loads of fun and I think I went high lots of time in the chalet, especially in the afternoon and night. Hahas, symphony orchestra and creepy voice. lmao..Lots and lots of fun with the youth group. I guess the best part of the chalet was when I'm with the youth group. Watching movies/parodies, going high, playing games and washing the dishes which led to us choking the sink with curry. Oh yea, I played with gatsby wax too. Styled Jovan's hair..hahas, it was damn cool. I think I have a future in styling. Hohoho. We watched Little Miss Sunshine after I finished styling his hair, it was quite good but soon, most of them fell asleep and after the movie, my leg went numb due to a pair of PIG's legs on my feet. Hahas. But overall, it was really really cool and great. My group rocks too!!!! Hahas. Kk, just came back from shopping and chalet lagging too. hahas..sleep sleep, my beauty sleep(not that I need it.Hahas)

Oh yea, my group cheer, our group name is Moses, so here goes:
(sing to the tune of twinkle twinkle star)

Moses, Moses, faithful man
Led the Israelites out of Egypt
Spilt the red sea into half
Take the ten commandments out
Moses, Moses, faithful man
He was God's man to the end.

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