Saturday, June 9, 2007

PIRATES!!! again

PIRATES!!!! again...

WOOOT!!!!! I went to watch POC 3 again with Kim this time round. Anyway, you can read about it in Kim's blog. Hahas. Shrek Shrek. I want shrekie shrek!!!! POC 3 is still super uber cool!! hahas. I don't think I was the only one watching POC 3 the 2nd time as there was a girl behind us who also kept 'spoiling' the show. I was a nice and wonderful person as I didn't spoil the show. Hahas. Coming Up Next: Shrek 3!!! Gotta wait for Kim to watch it too, along with some of our props. Heex. I met up with Kim on thurs too, went to crash BLow's lecture and was having fun playing games and watching movies. Whee. I got lots and lots of movies and games now. Whahahaha.

Hmmm, on the other hand, my hols has just started and my mom is already flying off for a week tonight. She will be playing with sheep and cows in New Zealand for a week or more. On the bright side, she will be back for my birthday. *Hint Hint*
Nothing much, quite jam-packed/kaya-packed for the next week. Got around 1 project, Cosplay meetings, class gathering, church camp/chalet, birthday shopping, Shrek watching, anime watching, game playing and studying for ICAs. Phew. I think I can manage. Whahahaha. SHREK SHREK SHREK!!!!!!!

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