Friday, June 1, 2007

1 last week


Ahhh~ One last week till the hols!! Woot Woot~!

Well, this term is quite a good one, not bad as I'm having lots of fun in school already. School is kinda of cool. my 7 weeks at NYP, I've met quite a few familiar faces, from primary mates and secondary mates. 1st off: I met Jonathan Quek, Wei Lun from the same class as me in Primary 6. I met Emily from chr, lots of our secondary 4 batch people from chr too. Especially people from 4/3. I still see BLow here and there and Rodney too. It seems like I always 'bumped' into him in the library. Super hard-working I guess. I've only met Lina and Yu Ling once and no more. Hahas. Hmmmm..nothing much, I'm in my Effective Oral Lab now and its quite a free time for us now so I decided to post. WHEE~!!!! Movie next friday with Kimochi. Wahoo~!

Okay, time to do my outline for my speech seeing that I didn't do it yesterday due to POC 3. Ahhh~ Pirates pirates pirates!!!

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