Monday, June 4, 2007



I'm spreading Animeism around since I've entered NYP. So far, the animes I've been spreading around are FRUITS BASKET & OURAN HIGH SCHOOL, following close behind them are Kanon(2006), Haruhi Suzumiya and soon Gakuen Alice and Kamisama Kazoku. Whee Whoo. I've already passed most of these animes to 6 people and introducing more animes to others. Whahahaha. Animeism~ Just a short post.

Today Chiang and Bteo came over to NYP. Met up with a few other people who came from Chr but are currently studying in NYP. Bteo wanted to crash my lecture at first but later they went to play basketball leaving Chiang alone. Being the nice person I am, I took the little chicken(Chiang) to my lecture where he was happily gaying with Bgoh and Jabez on my msn. After the short lecture, we went to sit at Macs and started watching animes..heex. On the way to CWP, I realised something new. Bteo and Chiang talk like pregnant girls. They were discussing what not to eat and so, how much fat it contains. Sheesh, seriously. We went to MOS to eat, well, I was the only one eating seeing how they wanted to keep their slim figures, ah, never mind. And through our small talk, I realised that Bteo is a dmn good brother. Zai man.

Hmmm, nothing much for now. Looking forward to thursday and friday. Whee Whoo~

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