Saturday, June 23, 2007

The 2 Js


Today was a super crazy day for me again. Went out with Jeanie-Beanie/Jean the Bean. We went to Jurong library to watch movies study. Yep, we are 2 good girls. We ate at Long John and went straight to the library and started watching HP3. Just when we've reached the climax of the show, some stupid security guard came and told us " No watching movies, playing games and listening to music in the library." And at that moment, I seriously felt like telling the AN that we should all be deaf currently as there was a band playing in the library at that time and that means we are currently listening to music. Boo ha! Sadly, I did not. Due to our moods being dampened by him, we did not continue watching movies but I started playing my computer games with Jean as my lookout. We went crazy with it, mainly Jean who started hitting madly on my keyboard and forgot all about studying. Later on, we looked at a few pictures when we were small and adorable, we went extremely high due to some 'before & after' pictures. It was then I realised that a person's hairstyle can change your look totally. The 2 of us were laughing so madly that I'm supplies surprised that the security guard didn't come to warn us again. After a while, we went to eat Long John again and was calming down, however, Jean had decided to drip some cheese on my finger and that got us all cracking up.(Don't worry, I've filled up all the cracks with glue. whahahaha) We started with some stories and in the end, we started going quite high again. All in all, it was a crazy day for me. hahas. I can't wait to watch HP5 with the youth group and of course with Kim. Hahas, on separate day though. whahahaha.

P.S. Jean, I totally agree that Chris Evans is hot because he is the fire-man in Fantastic 4, but draco's much much hotter!!! Draco FTW!!!!! hahas~

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