Sunday, November 28, 2010

*Fangirl Mode*

Yesh! I'm taking a break from studying & fangirling!

Managed to get my hands on another awesome anime recently.

Otome Youkai Zakuro~

Its a damn good anime!! In case you're curious, don't click THIS.
Just kidding. I know you'll click that.

Don't lie. =p

Anyway, moving on~

Hakuouki is still what gets me fangirling the most but the 2nd season is like killing me slowly. Not going to post spoilers here so if you want, go watch it! I just hope the ending won't be sucky. It feels like a torture whenever a new episode is out. I'm torn between my curiosity & my fear~ Should I watch or not? =3=

Have also been listening to a few songs by Gumi!

She's one of the characters from Vocaloid and is super cute! Love her voice! I prefer her than Miku~

Few of my favourite songs from her:

Here are two of my favourite songs. After youtube-hopping from one PV to another, I found a few more that's pretty good!

Here's one of them:

Do look for the Kaito & Miku Version of this song! Its dmn cute too! Hahahaha!

Okie~ Just a short update here on my fangirl stuff & hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Will be posting more songs & PVs here too~ ^_^

Btw, I'll be away in Vietnam for around 3 weeks starting from early Dec so for this period, I will be totally uncontactable! For emails sent, I will only be able to get back to you after Christmas. But fret not, this blog won't be dead. I'll try to do up AFA post & a few more to keep you entertain~ =p

Don't miss me too much~

And yes, I've just dyed my hair~ ^_^

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stress Reliever~

Everyone got massacred by that dmn Calculus paper today. And to think I only slept 1.5 hours yesterday & spent all my time studying it. Dang!

Gonna go back to studying soon but here's something cute to relieve the stress! XDD

Ahhh~ Hijikata & Saito!

Looks like Hijikata has something on his hand. (For moi? XDD)


Ain't she adorable?

Miku dropping from the sky~

Okie! That's all for now and back to AS~

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Meido & Shitsuji!


This post is gonna be all about meido & shitsuji!

What are they & why am I dedicating this post to them?

Because! Somehow for the past 1 month, I realised I've been to like 4 Maid/Butler Cafes.

4! I tell you. Even I'm shocked at the number.

Gonna post & list down the cafes I went and my experience too~

1st Cafe I went, I think it was Akibanana Cafe which is located at Tanjong Pagar. Met up with Fook Yu & Trix before that. Having nothing on our hand at that time, we decided to drop by Akibanana Cafe for a looksee. It was a weekend when we went but the place was empty. No pics to show for it as photos are all with Trix but you can check out her post on it~ XD

My impression of it was actually quite bad as the service wasn't really there. But I guess its 'cos of the lack of manpower or maybe the maids there that day were still kinda of new. Or maybe we just look too intimidating? Hahahaha! I ordered Omu-rice which was seemed nice but was super disappointed with the drawing they gave me.

This is what they drew --> =)
This was my expression --> =(

Sad right??!! Oh wells, wasn't really into the food though my drink was pretty nice. Gummi Soda. But the time there was still full of laughter due to the nonsense that we three came up with.

Nothing much to say about it just that I was pretty unhappy after the trip down.

The next cafe I went was Haru Cafe during their 5th Anniversary Party!

Angmoh butlers! Always had a thing for angmohs since I was young. Kim should know it really well! XDD

So, anyway, Leen & I decided to drop down for the event before going for the Cafe.
Upon reaching the event, we saw the butlers on stage! *Nice Timing*

When they announced their age, everyone's reaction was: Are You Kidding?!

They're all super young la! 15 to 16 years old. I feel soooo old.

As we still had some time, walked around & camwhore too~

Pics speak for themselves as they have mouths. (Lame, I know)

Entering the cafe~

Really love the atmosphere & setting!

Anthony was serving us and he's really cute & enthusiastic!

Leen's really attracted to the balloons!

Chocolate cakes!


Look at the difference of the wares that are used for Leen!


Overall for the food, it was really nice and for me, it was pretty filling thanks to the awesome chocolate! XDD

After that, Anthony came over & asked if we would like to play any games which led to a challenge of Uno Stacko between Rory & Us!

Tom came over later to help him out but in the end, we won!

Muahahahaha! Uno Stacko was one of my favourite childhood games kay~

Took a Cheki with Tom too~ French guys~

It was pretty fun & the butlers there are certainly of a standard. Can tell that they've put in effort in training~ Its really fun being with them. Felt that the ticket prices were quite worth it. The whole experience definitely put a smile on my face as throughout the time we were there, they were really attentive to us and for a moment, I felt so taitai-ish. Hahahaha!

Our souvenirs from them~ Awesome pink balloons!

The next cafe I went was the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe @ AFAX.

Wasn't planning to go but since Trix asked, we went for it. XD

We went there on the 1st day around noon time and the queue wasn't that long, thus we managed to get in pretty fast. You can totally see the difference in the genders between the butler cafe & the maid cafe. Hahahaha! We were like the few female customers in the MMK Cafe.

The menu given to us~

All of us ordered the Omu-Rice Set in the end which was recommended by them.

All of us ordered tea and we all got different coloured teas due to the different 'milk-and-sugar' requests. XD

Whilst waiting for our food, the Karaoke booth was sending us free music which caused some trauma to us. LOL! Anyway, gotta say we didn't wait long for our food and this time round, I was super happy with the drawings on my Omu-Rice!

I got a BUNNY!!

Hahahaha! Fel-chan was serving us most of the time and she's really good & friendly!

Here are our different drawings!

Why 4 Omu-Rice?

Because they belong to:

*drumroll please*

Fook Yu!

Merlion went with us too!


And the fabulous ME!

*shields from all the things flying towards me* =p

Me didn't like the peas & corns inside the fried rice so I took them out and guess where did I put them?

Yeaps! Into my bunny's ear! Hahahahaha!

Anyway, service there was pretty good and there was the feeling of an authentic japanese meido cafe. I'm not saying I went into one before but it just gives me the feeling~

Though I gotta say, it was kinda of overpriced but oh wells~ It's a one-in-a-lifetime thingy for me and I guess I won't go back there anymore. And I doubt I have the chance seeing that AFA won't be held in Singapore next year.

And now, for the last cafe that I went which also happened to be the one filled with lots of laughter & fun!

Ikebanana Cafe!

Does the name seem familiar to you?

That's because its the brother cafe of Akibanana Cafe! It's actually the same cafe just that on special events, they will have butlers there to serve the customers too.

I happened to attend the cafe after seeing on Facebook that they were organizing an event consisting of the popular fortune telling group, Not For Sale, that came from Japan. The Not For Sale guys are really awesome and super funny! Shall talk more about them in my next few posts together with my AFA post. This shall just be about the cafe~

So anyway, I went for the event with Fook Yu & Leen and bought the set ticket for both sessions. For session A, we were given 1 'special' drink, 1 Main Course, desert & also 1 cup of tea. The price was definitely worth it and the food is definitely so so so so much nicer than the previous time I went down.

On the day of the event, I was down with a fever in the morning and recovered slightly so we still went on with our plans. Leen came over my house to 'nurse' me before heading down together. Therefore, many apologies as for the following photos, my face probably looked very tired and pale~

When Leen & I get together, we'll just do our favourite activity!


We were the 1st to reach the cafe and upon entering, we were greeted by the 3 butlers: Kaoru, Ren & Shiro!

Was given a special tag for the Session B later on which allows us to claim our package items!

Session B consists of a 5 min consultation with the NFS guys, 2 drinks, manicure, massage and cheki! A really fabulous deal!

And lookie look what we got here:

Detachable Hello Kitty!

That's actually Leen's pen that her mom gave her. Dmn cute sia!

Leen wanted to camwhore but amazingly I wasn't in the mood. Must be the fever!


But still, I caved into her pleas of camwhoring. LOL!

The special drink that was served by Ren-kun~

Some weird thingy that was inside the drink.

We later found out that it was actually strawberry!! O.O

Leen's reaction after eating it:

Awesome Cookies that were served too!!

Yummy Yum Yum!

Don't you want a cookie too?

We ate whilst listening to the Not-For-Sale guys conducting the workshop.

Just a short intro, that's Hajar, the translator for them along with the Not For Sale guys, Juno, Hoshi & Sugar!

Here's the main course that was served, we got a choice between Pork or Chicken but seeing as chicken was healthier, we all chose that.

Their bowls are super cute!

Love the strawberry cake to the max!!

Really enjoyed the tea that Shiro-kun & Ren-kun served!

Notice anything interesting? It took me a sip before I got it.

Heart-shaped Tea!

Napping after our full meal & workshop!

Got our goodie bag from them too!

The badges which spark off our interesting stories!

Before we went down, Leen & I were looking through the photos on FB and we both liked Megane Ren-kun. And just her luck, both me and Fook Yu got his badge while Leen got Kaoru's. Hahahaha! And seeing how badly she wanted to change, I requested it to Ren on her behalf which led to Kaoru's knowledge of it. Hahahaha! Leen was teased mercilessly by us, (ok, mainly me) but the whole incident was super funny as she was super embarrassed towards Kaoru-kun~ Whahahahaha!

The 'popular' Megane Ren-kun!

The badge Leen got in the end.

As there were no more badges of Ren-kun in specs, Leen managed to convince Fook Yu to swap with her. Hahahahha!

On a side note: throughout the whole time, I kept thinking that Ren-kun looks slightly similar to Yamapi~ Maybe its the hair. But overall, he just gave me the Yamapi feeling~ hahahaha! Do you feel so too?

Moving on~

We ordered our drinks and me being crazy and daring, I decided to order their unique drink: Guinea Pig

Here's how it look like when it arrived and how Shiro-kun prepared it for me!

Upon seeing the final product, I kinda of lost my will to drink it. Why? Cos it looked like he put 'bahu' (pork floss) in my drink!

See for yourself!

After affirming it wasn't 'bahu', I took a sip and that was it.

I pushed the drink over to Leen who after taking a sip, pushed it to Kuromi. (Yeaps! Kuromi joined us later on in Session B)

At the event, we also met up with Sam, Val & Nazhuka! After they had a sip of the drink, the verdict came out: Sam, Val, Leen & I are against the drink while Kuromi, Nazhuka & her friend enjoyed it! LOL! It was dmn funny but had a great time chatting and laughing with them! We were also swapping drinks to compare which ones were better. Hahaha!

After that, I quickly ordered my 2nd drink which was Flower Soda and it's really nice & refreshing!

After our consultation with NFS~

Leen's drink: Ichigo Neku

Pretty nice taste but I didn't dare to drink too much due to the amount of milk in it.

Kuromi's Gummi Soda!

And here she is staring hard at her hand in an attempt to do fortune telling.

Dmn cute!

Some pics of the place.

It looks really cosy!

The 'bahu' drink.

Resting before going for our manicure~

The manicure was done by the Akibanana maids who are really good & friendly! It felt like a classic manicure instead of express! It was super fun interacting with them too!

Leen & Kuromi enjoying their manicure~

Camwhoring after my manicure & waiting for my massage.

The massage was also an incident filled with laughter as Fook Yu was recommending to us which butler we should ask for regarding the massages. So it ended with me asking this question: Do you want it soft or hard?

I shall leave it up to you with your own imaginations to interpret it. XD

Leen & I chose Ren-kun to massage us and he's really good! My shoulder area felt super shiok after that 5 min! Hahahaha!

After that, the last thing for us to claim was our Cheki. Most of the other girls took their Cheki with the NFS guys but Leen & I took it with Ren-kun~

Here's my cheki decorated by Ren-kun!

Super cute right!

We stayed till 11+ before making our way home.
Exhausted Fook Yu~

It was really fun chatting with the butlers, maids and the other customers there! Overall, I feel that the price was totally worth it, the food was sooo much better and the whole setting and atmosphere had a really cosy feeling to it too!

Besides that, the butlers and maids have their separate profiles on FB too and it is a good way to interact with them through there! Overall, out of all the cafes I went, this is the cafe that gave me the most enjoyable experience! I guess the previous time I went to the Akibanana Cafe was just bad timing? Am really looking forward to the next visit there and I hope it will be as great or even better than this visit.

That's the end of my post for the different cafes I've visited in the past month~

On a side note, I can't believe I managed to type out this long post when I'm supposed to be mugging and my left hand is currently 'dead' thanks to the 2 vaccines I got in the morning. Can't wait for my finals to be over as my holidays is gonna be so fun-packed!!! Wheee!

And I'm gonna be a redhead starting from tomorrow! That is if nothing goes wrong during my hairdye-ing session. =p

Okie! Shall end off this post and its back to mugging for me! Cya soon!

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