Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The crazy things we do..


Heard that? That's the sound of me deflating.

Hahahah! Just kidding. Today is the last day of Term 1 for me and I''ve survived!!

Wheee! End of project choinging days but my mugging days are FAR from over. Got the finals coming up soon. 5 of them too. Boohoo!

Anyway, just to upload some nonsensical photos that I took recently with my crazy bunch of friends. You can call this the sequel to the POC post earlier! =p

Met up with Kim, Anand, Jabez & Choon Hong for a farewell celebration to Anand & Jabez's hair~ Yeaps, they're finally going entering army. Or in present form, they're in army now!

So in the midst of my crazy deadlines & all, I managed to meet them for a couple hours before rushing for my project meetings & stuff!

So while chilling & having completed our 'illegal dealings', we decided to have some fun on Kim's webcam!

Here are some of the crazy stuff we do!

P.S. I was totally high that day due to the lack of sleep that apparently most SMU students experience during that few weeks.. so, you'll get to see a crazier ME! Yay! =p

Presenting the Crazy 5!

The electrifying Jabeeeez!


The drunkard.

The animated girl.

The ghostly human~

Think I was entertaining them most of the time... as usual? What oh what will they do without me~ Hahahaha! Yes, I'm BHB!

More photos coming up next!

Can you guess who's this?

We're all on fire!

And equally knocked out!

Meet Jabez & his twin.

We're pretty hungry too!

I want gum gum you dum dum.

No gum gum? I'll eat others!

Christmas is here!

Wheee! Many many Jo(s)!

Hoh! I see the light!

Koochi Koochi Koo~

Rahh! I guess I'm really crazy!

That's all for our crazy photos.... for now I guess. =p

Tomorrow's AFA and who's going? Am super excited as there are a few activities that I would like to try out there! Wheeee! Can't wait for it! Am gonna go down on both days so do poke me if you are too!

And last but not least, Harry Potter Snape, Hermione & Draco are coming back to the big screen!


Okie! Gonna need my sleep now! Cya soon!

P.S. This picture is meant to counter & maybe lessen my craziness level that people think of me after seeing the above photos. Hope it helps! =p

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