Sunday, November 28, 2010

*Fangirl Mode*

Yesh! I'm taking a break from studying & fangirling!

Managed to get my hands on another awesome anime recently.

Otome Youkai Zakuro~

Its a damn good anime!! In case you're curious, don't click THIS.
Just kidding. I know you'll click that.

Don't lie. =p

Anyway, moving on~

Hakuouki is still what gets me fangirling the most but the 2nd season is like killing me slowly. Not going to post spoilers here so if you want, go watch it! I just hope the ending won't be sucky. It feels like a torture whenever a new episode is out. I'm torn between my curiosity & my fear~ Should I watch or not? =3=

Have also been listening to a few songs by Gumi!

She's one of the characters from Vocaloid and is super cute! Love her voice! I prefer her than Miku~

Few of my favourite songs from her:

Here are two of my favourite songs. After youtube-hopping from one PV to another, I found a few more that's pretty good!

Here's one of them:

Do look for the Kaito & Miku Version of this song! Its dmn cute too! Hahahaha!

Okie~ Just a short update here on my fangirl stuff & hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Will be posting more songs & PVs here too~ ^_^

Btw, I'll be away in Vietnam for around 3 weeks starting from early Dec so for this period, I will be totally uncontactable! For emails sent, I will only be able to get back to you after Christmas. But fret not, this blog won't be dead. I'll try to do up AFA post & a few more to keep you entertain~ =p

Don't miss me too much~

And yes, I've just dyed my hair~ ^_^

P.S. Please be nice & clickity-click on the ads~ XDD

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