Saturday, December 4, 2010

I know you're gonna miss me~

Yes I do!

I know you're gonna miss me!!!

Am I right?

I'm right, right?!


Anway, the past few days had been really hectic! Clubbing/Fling 2, steamboat, outings, trip to Msia & shopping!

Notice I didn't say anything about packing?

Cos... I've yet to start packing!!!!

I feel so dead now! Hahahahaha! And I'm flying off tomorrow night. Guess I shall pack tomorrow morning instead. Gosh!

Time flew by so damn fast these past few days. Got loads of things waiting for me when I get back!

I'll be back on the 23rd so for 19 days, you'll have peace & quiet.

Nahh~ Just kidding. It'll be boring without me. Hurhurhur.

Will be uploading 2-3 posts here and there. Am almost done with them and will publish it over the weeks that I'm gone. Within them, there will be posts on AFA X & also my 2nd trip to Ikebanana Cafe!


That's all! Please pray that I'll get well soon as I'm still feeling off from my fever & sore throat. Plus it doesn't help that my stomach is not taking in much food.

See, this is what my 'boyfriend' Leen has prepared specially for me~ Her love love honey lemon lemon drink & strepsils!

Gonna miss her so damn much!!

And I finally dress up 'appropriately' for the weather! It's been raining crazily these past few days! It's Winter the cold season!

Totally love this new top I got from Msia! Gonna bring it to Vietnam with me!

Okie! That's all for now! All emails & tags shall only be replied after Christmas but don't let that stop you from doing it! And do click on the ads too~

Thank You & see ya peeps when I'm back!

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