Friday, December 10, 2010

Anime Festival Asia X!

Finally blogging on AFA X!

In one of the previous posts, I mentioned that I went to Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe with Fook Yu, Trix & Merlion. Now I shall blog a little more about the other stuff that were at AFA X!

Due to my camera being so sucky, most of the photos were from my iPhone, some Day 1 photos were from Trix while other Day 2 photos were from my dang camera.

Fook Yu came over to my house before heading down to AFA together.

When we reached there, we got a shock! Lonnnnnnng queues for the tickets! Should totally have pre-ordered them. And to think I went there so early just to get my hands on the Hakuouki merchandise that KKNM was bringing in. T.T

Full of tickets!

Knowing all hope was gone for my Hakuouki merchandise(the queue was freaking long! At least 2 hours!!), we went to MMK Cafe. As it was already mentioned in the previous post, I shall just post more of our camwhore pics up! =p

The next thing that I aimed for!


Met Theo there!

Most of the wall barricades for the booths were filled with anime posters! Think its by Sinema which were advertising the various showtimes they're holding for the different anime screenings? Here are 2 of my fav~

As the main festival area was waaaay too cramped, we decided to pop by the other conference hall where most of the cosplayers are and guess who I found?

Kaito! By Zelly~

I so adore the 2nd photo! =p

Toky who we kept meeting due to his awesome bright orange wig!

And me kuchi-kooing him~


And Kuromi's Gakupo~

Did not take much photos of cosplayers as 1) I was too lazy and 2) My camera sucks. (Yes, I'm blaming everything on my camera. =X)

I was damn happy with my buys though!

Can you guess what's inside?

It's LAVI!


It's actually a 2-sided pillow so I have both Kanda & Lavi in 1 pillow! XD

After walking & squeezing & getting squashed, I found this!

Cute right??!!
Saito & Hijikata~

Love them sooo~ And Fook Yu ain't a fan of them. =3=

Whyyy?! Hahahaha!

Anyway, besides AFA, there was also a Borders Sale that was ongoing in one of the convention halls at Suntec! Bought 2 volumes of Furuba from there~

And lookie look at the studious me! XD

And I'm proud of my Gachas!! Catch 'em all!

As it was really tiring squeezing with loads of people, we took a break here and then to catch up on breathing air. And of cos, when there's a break, the cameras are whipped out almost immediately. Ain't I right? XDD

Our AFA prints!

I wanted a red one too but I got both blue... on both days somemore! =3=

After that, we met up with Emily & her family whilst waiting for Jae to join us before going into the hall for another round of squishy-squash!

After that, Merlion went for the Anisong Concert while the rest of us hungry troopers went over to Esplanade Link (I think?) to try out this new fried chicken fast food restaurant, Chicking.

3 words sum it up: SERVICE WAS BAD!

The supervisor was a bad example towards the other employees. Sheesh! Plus it totally 'helped' that the portions was puny compared to Popeyes & KFC for almost the same price.

Headed back home with Fook Yu where we camwhore.. AGAIN. hahahaha!

Fook Yu with my Usa-dango slippers

Say hi to Kanda-sama!

And Lavi~

My spoils from Day 1:

New Pillow = Happy Jo!

And the pillow cover was so dmn smooth and exactly the type that I'm looking for that I went back and bought another one! Photos shall be shown below later on!

And so that concludes the end of my AFA Day 1.

Shoud I split AFA Day 1 and 2 up?

Okie, just checked the amount of photos.. not a lot so ehmm~ They shall be merged for the convenience for you when reading!

AFA Day 2 started with me rushing down to the event from church which was at CCK. Had to cabbed there to ensure I won't miss my timing at the Not For Sale (NFS) Booth!

Made there just in time!

For those who still have no idea exactly who or what is NFS click here AND here!
Go like their FB page if you want them back in Singapore!

Leen, Fook Yu & I had book appointments with NFS prior to the event! Fook Yu & I went for both Hoshi & Sugar while Leen only booked Sugar's slot.

Pretty interesting and awesome to hear what they derived from my palms, birth dates and so on. Not gonna share what was said! But.. pretty true for most of it. Gotta have to wait a few years before knowing if the rest of it are true too. =p

Here's the gift that Hoshi & Sugar gave me!

Personalized NFS message card~

Here's Hoshi!

Looks dmn young! In fact all of them does! And their anime image is super cool!

Anyway, after that, we went for lunch and I only had a little time to hang around before leaving for SMU for Hue meeting.

One of my favourite artworks from AFA

Love this picture loads!

Saw Theo again!

Took pics with Leen before she's swallowed by the mass of photographers at the event.

Oh! And I did mention I bought another pillow right? Here's the bag they gave this time round!

So after saying good luck & farewells to Leen & the rest, I headed to SMU.

But look who I met on the way!


Of course must camwhore too! =p

And also while waiting for the train~

Hue meeting & dinner was a blast & I guess that was what heated up my poor head. Was too crazy!
The awesome ice-cream that I scooped!

Maybe I should try venturing into selling ice-cream? Though I will definitely get fat as I will probably eat more than what I would sell. =p

Tired me~

Spoils from Day 2:

Yesh! It's Lenalee & Allen!

And do you spot my Hijikata badge? Wanted to get Saito but it was sold out. =(

Spoils from AFA X!

Crazy amount but totally satisfied! XDD

Ending off with these 2 photos with my new huggies!

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