Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ikebanana Cafe!

This post shall be about my 2nd trip down to Ikebanana Cafe!

But before I hop into that, shall upload the pics from the 1st trip to Akibanana Cafe here~

Bought awfully awesomely chocolate too!

I had a tagline for it. Sounds bad but damn true~ Should I kill your appetite by saying it out here?

Fook Yu's Spicy Mango Tequila

Trixy's Bloody Mary (Halloween Drink)

Ehmmm~ From this part onwards, I started coming up with a post for each drink.

Remember, it's SPICY Mango Tequila

And my Gummi Bear Soda!

The 'eyeball' in Trix's drink which we have no idea what it is up till now. Anyone care to enlighten us?

Where's our foooood~

Here it is!
Trix's Wormy Sandwich. (Halloween Special)

It is just a smiley face! So sad lar!

They --> =) Me--> =(

Along with the really weird salad which is a once-in-a-lifetime taste.

Love their pink fluffy hearts there

And me being soooo patriotic!
Our Pledge!

Kinda of reminds me of CHR days where we would stand on the podium and say the pledge! Ahhh~ Fond memories!

Moshi mosh? Did anyone call me?

Fook Yu eating Trix's heart out!

Let's just say that my trips down to Akibanana Cafe did not end happily but I totally enjoyed my visits to Ikebanana Cafe.

Maybe its due to the difference in atmosphere?

So here's some pictures taken during my 2nd visit to Ikebanana Cafe!

Fook Yu & I decided to head down there again as the theme this time round was Vocaloid & it seemed interesting!

True to it, we found that the butlers had actually cross-played a few Vocaloid characters like Miku, Luka & Rin!

Some of them are really good with their cross-play! Hahahaha! There's also 2 new butlers that I did not see at the previous event, Yukio-chan & Kuro-chan!

Yes, I shall use 'chan' seeing as they were cross-playing that day!

Kaoru-chan, Ren-chan & Shiro-chan were cross-playing Rin, Luka & Miku respectively and boy! I nearly mistook Ren-chan as a girl! Hahahahaha!

No pictures of their cross-play as I did not take Cheki with them this time round. Tempting but nah~ XD

So whilst waiting for food, we played with Fook Yu's camera & camwhored! Been so long since I've played with a good camera~

Prior to coming for this event, Fook Yu & I spotted the luggage tag customisation booth at Gift-A-Name so we decided to do up 1 for ourselves!

Cute to the max! Gonna bring mine to Vietnam~

Yes, I'm bhb!

Ok, back to the camwhores!

This pose reminds me of Shrek~ Cos of the ears part~

New earrings!

Prisoner 237189204

Prisoner/Patient 148712890

Ordered Flower Soda again as I really like that drink! Super refreshing!

Where's our fooood!

Oh! Here it is!

Curry Chicken Rice.

Ehmmm~ Only like the seaweed stars and I'm picky about the food so let's just say, I only touched 1/4 of my food?

My Luka Drink!

Fook Yu hard at work!

OHHH!! And that day! Was someone's special day!

It's Fook Yu Birthday!!

Her wish is like super loooooong!

Anyway, happy birthday to you gal!

Back to camwhoring as we're just sitting there with nothing much to do~

And yes! I spammed Fook Yu's camera with my photos! =p

And Kaoru-kun decided to join in the fun!

Yes, 'kun' as he has reverted back to a male!

Presenting Kaoru-kun!

Well, Ren-kun joined in later on with an attempt to choke Kaoru-kun to no avail. =P

Or is it brotherly love? (Hrmmmm~)

The after-hair of wearing a wig~

Our messy table!

The table layouts~

Ahh! And can you guess what's this?

It's actually their order pad!

The rising fur is due to courtesy of Ren-kun. Whahaha!

Fook Yu's Para Para!

Just kidding!

Do you see anything strange?

The time where I feel like a shortie. =3=

Getting high! Love Kaoru-kun's expression! Super funny! Hahahaha!

And he decided to torture Mr Piggy next!

Disgusting much? It's not the worst!

This is!

Hands were trembling like mad due to laughter! It was disgusting & hilarious at the same time! Gosh! I thought I was gonna die from controlling my laughter!

I did mention earlier that Ren-kun had joined us in on camwhoring right?

Presenting Ren-kun!~

The men in shades!

In case you're wondering, that's my pink shades on Kaoru-kun~

And we exchanged shades too!

So which shades do you think fit Ren-kun more?

Pink or Black?

And by the way, can you guess Kaoru-kun's height from the photos? Here's a better photo!

He's tall! O.O

That's all for this post. Most of the crazy photos that we took are on here while the rest.... are too crazy to be shown. Hurhurhur!

Anyway, Fook Yu & I had a blast there & it was really great therefore I'm ending this post with a photo of us!

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