Sunday, May 15, 2005

SAI!! hse carpark now damn someone shitted dere n i haf 2 walk past it everydae..sianz..been dere 4 2 whole days already..dan someone came n swept it was e squishy type..hehex..veri wet i tink..its not e 1st time someone shitted at e carpark stairs already..its was e 3rd time!!!at least tis time dey swept it away, i dunno how though..e previous time dey spray e shit n e shit flew all over da place..all e stairs all kana..stupid sia..hahax..n tis time someone went 2 stepped on e sai n e whole pathway frm e carpark 2 e blk has sai footprints..eeww...stinky stinky.. lolx..aniwae...i hate my carpark now..still haf e shity smell..argh..n e shit colour is sitll dere..horrible sia..worse dan my dog's shit..hehe..e shit is one whole big lump n has 2 pathtic rissues covering it..but 2 no avail..lolx..still can see it..okok..betta save e juicy details 2 myself..4 ppl hu wishes 2 noe more bout it..plz feel free 2 ask me..lolx..but not at meal times plz..i wish 2 enjoy my meal in luck 4 e upcoming exams, chem n emaths..lolx..GAMBATE n AJA!

Saturday, May 14, 2005


OKIE..xtreme big wun cry aft e stupid physics paper 2dae..n i tot a maths was bad another physics paper 2 dampen my spirit 4 e hols..sigh..sianz..whoo..tis hols is gg 2 be veri nice..cuz no CCA n lots of chalets n camps till i get sick of it..yea!!!!lolx..craziee le..already plan my camp coming up straight, dan movie marathon, dan church chalet, dan movie marathon again, dan got camp dan councillors bbq..n lastly my church anniversary which is on my bdae..hehex..celebrate mani plans,so little time..aniwae..2dae quite relief dat e physics paper ended le..hahax..n bought my longwaited earpiece last..hmm..actually i veri long nv blog le..hehex..too bz lahx..srry slacking 2 watch vcd again..hehex..i'm hooked on vcds 2 buy another taiwanese vcd again..hehex..mi too hooked on hope liao..aniwae..2dae went 2 makan n shopping wid kim..hahax..dan saw potato n banana in macs..haha..crap lahx..everytime go mac got something new 2 c de..everytime got free entertainment..lolx..2dae was were trying 2 find out whether is e person over dere a gal or a male..n it turns out 2 be a gal..n we tot it was normal till we saw e 'gal' putting her hand on e other gal's thigh..n e other gal was touching e hand on e thigh...aaaaaaahhhh..betta save e details if not no appetite..lolx..aniwae..we were e last of e chrians dere 2 leave..all blame on e slow eating kim till so slow..everytime lyk dat..dan e service dere oso haf 2 wait damn long de..e aunty onli gif us 1 pathetic packet of jia lat..ask me how 2 next week..some of us will be selling shoes..plz suppoort n buy if u wan..wun 4 a shoe selling course oso..ya..any new movies 2 watch besides star wars??intro plz?thx..tink about wan go makan le..hehex..~tata~

Saturday, May 7, 2005


whoo...stress sia these few daes..lolx..mid-yr exams coming le..but i still slacking lehx..can't realli absorb anything in to my brain..hehex..tink i gg 2 fail a-maths again..can't realli understand lorx..dunno y lehx...aniwae..2dae a-maths paper was horrible..i did not even remember how 2 do even 1 qn..i'm so pathetic..sobx..aniwae, my chi compo sure bb n when e new format 4 chi come out, i am so gg 2 die..n gd 2 those kantangs..hahax..we will suffer e same fate..lolx..oh man..has anione started studying 4 mid-yr??i haven't yet..hehex..not prepared these time lorx..dunno y..dun feel lyk gg 2 skl n everything, jux feel lyk sleping n watching movies all day long..hehex..oh ya..betta not tok so much le..left 2 esp of GTO haven't ppl...adios!!

Sunday, May 1, 2005

.... sianz on sat..nothing 2 decided 2 blog lorx..aniwae..tis will be short coz mi wan 2 go watch GTO..hahax..siao already..crazy bout japanese n korean these few days..korean hitting e skl now..hahax..n mani esp r dere aniwae..dunno loehx..tinbk got quite alot..150++???dunno 2 watch hard 4 exam horx!!!ttfn..
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