Saturday, May 7, 2005


whoo...stress sia these few daes..lolx..mid-yr exams coming le..but i still slacking lehx..can't realli absorb anything in to my brain..hehex..tink i gg 2 fail a-maths again..can't realli understand lorx..dunno y lehx...aniwae..2dae a-maths paper was horrible..i did not even remember how 2 do even 1 qn..i'm so pathetic..sobx..aniwae, my chi compo sure bb n when e new format 4 chi come out, i am so gg 2 die..n gd 2 those kantangs..hahax..we will suffer e same fate..lolx..oh man..has anione started studying 4 mid-yr??i haven't yet..hehex..not prepared these time lorx..dunno y..dun feel lyk gg 2 skl n everything, jux feel lyk sleping n watching movies all day long..hehex..oh ya..betta not tok so much le..left 2 esp of GTO haven't ppl...adios!!

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