Saturday, May 29, 2010

My recent buys


It's that time of the year again!

The Great Singapore Sales!

Woots! There's been lots of pre-GSS sales as usual and town area has been flooding with sales signs all over now. How do I know? Because I'm currently working at Somerset area now. Heehee.

Recently, after my work one day, I stopped by the Shiseido Sales. It was mad crazy!! Like seriously mad! I went there during my lunch but the queue was around 2 hours just to get in so I left. I dropped by again in the evening and there wasn't any queue..... but a mountain of people. Phew Whee~ Got shoved around in there but still managed to get damn good buys! Love the Shiseido sales. 2nd time going for it. My 1st time was with Trixy, Gerry & Jae last year.

Happy Yappy Dappy~ Bought 9 items for a total of $42.

My new straw bag!

And all my lovely deals~!!! You can see how happy I am!

I feel that this is one of the greatest deals. The midnight dresser from Majolica.

It was retailing at $30.50 and guess what's the price now.


Shiok right? Hahahahaha!

Anyway, I bought some stuff for my workplace too. Decorating it a little. Heehee!

Bought my fashion headphones too.

Trixy got a pair too. You can see her's when the photoshoot photos are up~ XD

Oh yea! And I finally received my latest contact lens! 16mm effect.

Note to all those who are interested in getting contact lens online:

There are loads of sellers with fake lens online. So do take extra caution when you are purchasing them. Sometimes, the lens will suck. Even though they might look damn pretty, but being blind is not the way to go about it. For more information, go read Trixy's blog. She did a review on her lens that she got from a seller which was....................

Anyway, I've checked the lenses that I've bought and I found out that they are from a FDA approved Korean company. Meaning that it is approved in many countries. Not sure about Singapore though.

Oh! And I've asked about those 16mm lens etc. It seems that if the lenses are too big, it is actually harmful for your eyes. The max should be around 14.5mm. Why did I say that I received a pair of 16mm lenses is because the effect is 16mm and not the measurement of the lens. So do take note ya?

I've also gotten a pair of Evisu shoes for a really good deal! Mine's pinkish red while XM's is silver. XDD Love mine loads!

And last but not least, my latest addition!

My pink lappy! Vaio S Series! XDD

Thought of a cost effective way to bling it. Heeheehee! Since most of the shops I've asked have quoted me the price of $300 to $500. Sigh~ Shall try the other method I was thinking. Heehee!

Okay, time to go zzz for me. Been a pretty long day for me and I can't wait for tomorrow~ Dance practice again! Yeahhh~

Have a great break this weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My new baby~


Okay! I know there's an apparent lack of photos especially since I've posted saying I would upload it soon and it's been a week... dum di dum dum~


I'll definitely do it within these two days! Maybe even tonight.

Because I've gotten my new lappy!! Woots!
I shall post up the pictures of it later on! Now busy transferring my music and pictures from my dead lappy!

Many thanks to my friends for their suggestions and comments on the different types of laptops!

And of course my dearest boyf who had to not only put up with my nagging about my lappy and also had to translate for me all the IT stuff. (From this incident, I can tell I know nuts about the specs or whatsoever) Thank you!

Now, its time for me to customize and decorate my laptop. I wanted to bling the front fully but that will either make me go blind or burn a hole in my pocket. (I checked with Gmask, $1 for 1 crystal. O.O)

So if anyone has any good lobang, do email me or leave a comment here~ Spread some bling love~ XDD

Back to work now! Only 1 hour left before the long break arrives!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

My 300th Post!

Just realised that this is gonna be my 300th post! Hahahaha!

And I'm super duper exhilarated!!!










Because I got into SMU Business School!!!!


I couldn't believe my eyes as it was a random check online and I took a screenshot of it!

Was super duper excited after seeing this!

SMU! Here I come!! XDDD

Work, Play and Having Fun!

Pretty busy recently due to friends and work.
Let's see, started my new work last Monday and am enjoying myself. Helped out in a mini event and colleagues there are pretty friendly to me... except for my brother. -.-

I had a mini photoshoot recently with Leen, Trix, Jessica and Fook Yu for our blogshop. It was super short thanks to the rain that decided to crash our photoshoot. Bah! But I can't wait to get the photos from them! XDD

Super excited about this new batch of clothes that I'll be getting along with the spree! Lots of items from June Magazine in it~ Wheeee!

Speaking of sprees, the 1st Fashion Wear Pre-order was a success! Would like to thank everyone who supported and those who've already emailed in asking us to start a new spree! Thanks!! However, there are still some hiccups here and there especially to those who ordered but never paid up. Oh well~

Look out for instocks soon as we've ordered more apparels from our pre-order to cater to those who missed it! XDD

Hmmm.. Let's see. What else did I want to blog about? Hrmm.. Oh yea!

Joy's 21st Birthday!

For that, I shall upload the pictures 1st then blog about it. Too busy to transfer my pictures these few days. I shall decorate this post with pictures when I reach home later on. Heehee!

I shall not procrastinate and start uploading the photos! Better start soon as I foresee a busy schedule ahead soon with the starting of Cosplay Arts Festival again! Woots! For more details, go join the Facebook group for it! It is one event that gave me lots of learning experiences and fond memories with loads of people!

Okaaay, and last but not least, I'm gonna graduate tomorrow! Yes, it's tomorrow!! Pretty sad that I'm unable to have the same graduation ceremony with Zhi Sen and the rest thanks to the numerous students. Cannot take lots of pictures with them in the 'Hogwarts' uniform. I'll miss Jun, Sandy, Marcus and Glenn but I believe I'll miss Marcus and Glenn loads! After all, we're always 'smoking' and pulling the tutors' legs in class.. and I don't mean it literally. Sigh~ Kinda of sad that I'll not be able to study with them anymore. Wish I could.. but not to the extent of waiting for them to finish army and enter Uni at the same time as Glenn had suggested. Crazy fellow! Whahahaha!
Here's wishing everyone from my cohort all the best in their future endeavours!
Okay, back to work. Lunch break is over. XDD
Catch ya later!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Expertise Needed!


I need help! Was talking to my mum earlier and we were discussing about my studies and etc and when we reached the topic of which laptop I should get, I realised... that I don't know much about it!

So for all you kind souls out there, do let me know which laptop you prefer and why do you feel so. Or you can let me know about the laptop you're using and reviews about it! XDD

I'm hoping to get a laptop during the June PC Show.. So I'm gonna need all the help I can get!

Finally, a new laptop seems near! XDD

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

Without them, we wouldn't be here. And of course, we have the fathers too. But well, fathers, you gotta wait for another month before your day arrives. =p

Okie! Gonna have a dinner with my mummy dearest later at Causeway Point. Probably going for some Japanese cuisine as it's her favourite. Wanted to drag my Dad along but he refused. So, its just me and my mum.

Just wanted to post up some of the news things that I've just gotten immediately after my pay arrived a few days ago!

Dorama~ Otomen!

Read reviews on the drama and the manga. And of course it helps when Seto Koji is inside~ He was just super cute when he's in Atashinchi no Danshi!!!

There's another drama that I've wanted to watch but it's with XM now. Its Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. Read its reviews and the dorama looks good!

I've also bought my falsies. Like finally! I've only got 1 type of falsies for the past 1 month and I was itching to buy more and finally, I did! I bought 2 boxes of different styles. No pictures of it though because I forgot. Heehee

I just bought my eyebrow mascara!

It's a 2-in-1 thingy. Both the mascara and the pen are together so it's pretty useful. Tried on for today and so far so good! XDD

Oh yea, bought some other stuff last month too! Mummy brought me along for the Metro Sales which was why I got these!

Was tempted by the lipstick/gloss and since I've lost my lipstick like ages ago, I decided to get it!

Along with my freebie bag and slippers!

I've been getting a few freebie bags recently. I've always love bags! Well, which girl doesn't? Even guys love bags. Whahahaha! Because a bag itself can change the appearance that you're carrying and it also adds on to the styles that you wish to follow. Matching bags and your outfits together is an interesting process. Don't you think so?

That's why I love bags!

Anyway, I've been thinking and deciding which clothes should I buy during our next spree. All of them are so tempting and I've been shortlisting so many items that I believe I'm gonna need more than 2 wardrobes.

Which apparels should I get?

Floral and denim still seems to be in the fashion now.

Oh yea!

Few of my friends have been asking me where is the blogshop and stuff. So I've decided to post a really BIG banner here for you guys to access and view it!

So here goes:

Big enough ya?

Okie! Gonna go out with my mum now!

Catch ya guys later!

Achey Body

My whole body is currently aching like mad! It's been soooo long since I've stretched and dance like today. Hahaha!

Tiring but awesome! I'm gonna mentally prepare myself for tomorrow when I wake up. Bet it will ache even more. Hahax.

Today's session was good, not just the dance & warm up, but it was good meeting all those familiar faces again. XDD

Anyway, this is just a short update. More next time! Mad tired! Just finished sAlign Centerettling some blogshop stuff. Do remember to support us ya?

Oh yea! Do check out

Yoshimi just posted an advert regarding our blogshop! Heex.. There's gonna be another advert up soon by another blogger so keep your eyes peeled for it! XDD

So.. Do click on the Japanese Fashion Street banner on left if the screen & start shopping!

Cya & have a great night everyone! XDD

- Posted from my iTouch

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bored with a ring~

Okay~ The title was supposed to state the word 'boring'. Bored with a ring.


Ermm.. never mind if you don't.

I'm being slightly cold here thanks to the scorching weather recently. Air-conditioner is such a life saver nowadays!

Anyway, just felt like it's been some time since I've last blogged. Nothing much seems to be happening though I'm enjoying my life now~

Work has been work. As usual. Last day at Aviva falls on this Friday and the following Monday, I'll be working at Elsevier as an Event Assistant!

Though I'm reluctant to leave my Aviva job, but being able to work as an Event Assistant would be useful for me too~!

Wish me luck! XDD


Another news that I have to face this week is that Jean gonna fly off to Australia. Gonna miss her so badly. She's gonna go pursue her dreams and studies there.

When she 1st told me she's flying off in 3 weeks, I cried after putting down the phone. Guess I was upset by the thought that she wasn't going to be around us for quite some time. However, I'll support her and wish her all the best!

The girl I'm gonna miss!

Will she come back a lady? Whahahahahaha!

Jean is my childhood friend since I was young. We knew each other when we were.... babies? We have lots of pictures and videos of the 3 of us, Joy, Jean and me, playing together when we were young. Those stuff are classic!

I just pray that God will lead her way over there and bless and take care of her. It's gonna be hard without her here but life has to go on. So, all I can do is to support her.

She's flying this Sunday and so, on Monday, mummy and I went to eat at Vienna with Jean as a farewell and encouragement dinner. Heehee! We super duper full after that and after walking around, we saw UFO catchers!

My hand started to itch so I played one of it and caught the toy on the 1st try!!! I was super shocked and excited! Kept jumping around. That was the 1st time I actually caught something and on the 1st try. After that, I tried again.......And I caught it with $1 again!

Ain't I lucky?

Jean says its thanks to her presence. LOL!

Here are my 2 toys~

errr... minus the person holding them. Hahahaha!

Fluffy Minnie & Green Snoopy!

The green snoopy is now the property of my boyf as he said he wanted that right after I told him what I caught. Hahahaha! I wonder if its squashed somewhere. =p

Anyway, I think its high time I uploaded the Hong Kong pictures to Facebook and I don't think I will be able to upload all of them here. I might just go bonkers. If you guys want, do hop over to my facebook photo album. Shall post up the link once I'm done with it. XDD

In the meantime, here are some of the photos~

Mom's getting attacked by Pluto!

And Daddy to the rescue!

Lots of character photos from here on~

Eeyore kept kissing my cheek for a loooong time. Till I pushed his head away! His character was super cute! Hahahaha

More to come in the future~ XDD

Anyway, Trixy and I have started our 1st fashion apparels spree! Do support us!!

Spree is closing on the 16th May!

I'm so gonna buy lots of apparels for myself. I kept bookmarking all those that I wanted when we were shortlisting which items to bring it. Hahahahaha!


Okie~ That's all for now! Catch up again soon! Heehee!
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