Thursday, May 20, 2010

Work, Play and Having Fun!

Pretty busy recently due to friends and work.
Let's see, started my new work last Monday and am enjoying myself. Helped out in a mini event and colleagues there are pretty friendly to me... except for my brother. -.-

I had a mini photoshoot recently with Leen, Trix, Jessica and Fook Yu for our blogshop. It was super short thanks to the rain that decided to crash our photoshoot. Bah! But I can't wait to get the photos from them! XDD

Super excited about this new batch of clothes that I'll be getting along with the spree! Lots of items from June Magazine in it~ Wheeee!

Speaking of sprees, the 1st Fashion Wear Pre-order was a success! Would like to thank everyone who supported and those who've already emailed in asking us to start a new spree! Thanks!! However, there are still some hiccups here and there especially to those who ordered but never paid up. Oh well~

Look out for instocks soon as we've ordered more apparels from our pre-order to cater to those who missed it! XDD

Hmmm.. Let's see. What else did I want to blog about? Hrmm.. Oh yea!

Joy's 21st Birthday!

For that, I shall upload the pictures 1st then blog about it. Too busy to transfer my pictures these few days. I shall decorate this post with pictures when I reach home later on. Heehee!

I shall not procrastinate and start uploading the photos! Better start soon as I foresee a busy schedule ahead soon with the starting of Cosplay Arts Festival again! Woots! For more details, go join the Facebook group for it! It is one event that gave me lots of learning experiences and fond memories with loads of people!

Okaaay, and last but not least, I'm gonna graduate tomorrow! Yes, it's tomorrow!! Pretty sad that I'm unable to have the same graduation ceremony with Zhi Sen and the rest thanks to the numerous students. Cannot take lots of pictures with them in the 'Hogwarts' uniform. I'll miss Jun, Sandy, Marcus and Glenn but I believe I'll miss Marcus and Glenn loads! After all, we're always 'smoking' and pulling the tutors' legs in class.. and I don't mean it literally. Sigh~ Kinda of sad that I'll not be able to study with them anymore. Wish I could.. but not to the extent of waiting for them to finish army and enter Uni at the same time as Glenn had suggested. Crazy fellow! Whahahaha!
Here's wishing everyone from my cohort all the best in their future endeavours!
Okay, back to work. Lunch break is over. XDD
Catch ya later!

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