Thursday, May 27, 2010

My new baby~


Okay! I know there's an apparent lack of photos especially since I've posted saying I would upload it soon and it's been a week... dum di dum dum~


I'll definitely do it within these two days! Maybe even tonight.

Because I've gotten my new lappy!! Woots!
I shall post up the pictures of it later on! Now busy transferring my music and pictures from my dead lappy!

Many thanks to my friends for their suggestions and comments on the different types of laptops!

And of course my dearest boyf who had to not only put up with my nagging about my lappy and also had to translate for me all the IT stuff. (From this incident, I can tell I know nuts about the specs or whatsoever) Thank you!

Now, its time for me to customize and decorate my laptop. I wanted to bling the front fully but that will either make me go blind or burn a hole in my pocket. (I checked with Gmask, $1 for 1 crystal. O.O)

So if anyone has any good lobang, do email me or leave a comment here~ Spread some bling love~ XDD

Back to work now! Only 1 hour left before the long break arrives!


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