Saturday, May 29, 2010

My recent buys


It's that time of the year again!

The Great Singapore Sales!

Woots! There's been lots of pre-GSS sales as usual and town area has been flooding with sales signs all over now. How do I know? Because I'm currently working at Somerset area now. Heehee.

Recently, after my work one day, I stopped by the Shiseido Sales. It was mad crazy!! Like seriously mad! I went there during my lunch but the queue was around 2 hours just to get in so I left. I dropped by again in the evening and there wasn't any queue..... but a mountain of people. Phew Whee~ Got shoved around in there but still managed to get damn good buys! Love the Shiseido sales. 2nd time going for it. My 1st time was with Trixy, Gerry & Jae last year.

Happy Yappy Dappy~ Bought 9 items for a total of $42.

My new straw bag!

And all my lovely deals~!!! You can see how happy I am!

I feel that this is one of the greatest deals. The midnight dresser from Majolica.

It was retailing at $30.50 and guess what's the price now.


Shiok right? Hahahahaha!

Anyway, I bought some stuff for my workplace too. Decorating it a little. Heehee!

Bought my fashion headphones too.

Trixy got a pair too. You can see her's when the photoshoot photos are up~ XD

Oh yea! And I finally received my latest contact lens! 16mm effect.

Note to all those who are interested in getting contact lens online:

There are loads of sellers with fake lens online. So do take extra caution when you are purchasing them. Sometimes, the lens will suck. Even though they might look damn pretty, but being blind is not the way to go about it. For more information, go read Trixy's blog. She did a review on her lens that she got from a seller which was....................

Anyway, I've checked the lenses that I've bought and I found out that they are from a FDA approved Korean company. Meaning that it is approved in many countries. Not sure about Singapore though.

Oh! And I've asked about those 16mm lens etc. It seems that if the lenses are too big, it is actually harmful for your eyes. The max should be around 14.5mm. Why did I say that I received a pair of 16mm lenses is because the effect is 16mm and not the measurement of the lens. So do take note ya?

I've also gotten a pair of Evisu shoes for a really good deal! Mine's pinkish red while XM's is silver. XDD Love mine loads!

And last but not least, my latest addition!

My pink lappy! Vaio S Series! XDD

Thought of a cost effective way to bling it. Heeheehee! Since most of the shops I've asked have quoted me the price of $300 to $500. Sigh~ Shall try the other method I was thinking. Heehee!

Okay, time to go zzz for me. Been a pretty long day for me and I can't wait for tomorrow~ Dance practice again! Yeahhh~

Have a great break this weekend!

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