Friday, June 4, 2010

It's the month of June!


Time was zooming past so fast that we're already halfway into 2010!

Freaking fast, don't you think?
The month of June seems to be a busy one, filled with farewells, gatherings and birthdays!!

For gatherings, I've finally managed to meet up with Kim, Chiang, Ah Bez, bGoh, Anand, Choon Hong & Sebastian. Think it has been gazillion years since I've met them (besides Kim & Chiang). Ok, not to be so exaggerated, 3 years. Ever since Poly year 1, I've not met them.

We went to watch Shrekipidity Shrek. To me, it was just Shrek. Okay, some funny parts, spoiled the movie along with Kim as usual. After that, we chilled at *Scape Mac. Heard that *Scape is open but I still hasn't gotten the chance to go explore it yet. Maybe I shall pop by there one day during lunch. XD
And so, it was farewell to Chiang who's going in army tomorrow. Hyah hyah hyah! Same goes for Sherwin. So many of them entering the army soon. Glenn, Shaun, Wilson. Jovan is going in today. Wish them all the best of luck! Be a real man! XDD

And June has always been one of my favourite months except for the weather. I prefer November & December's weather. The 'winter' season. XDD

Why June? Because it not only means holidays but somehow it is also filled with birthdays!
Kim's mum birthday just passed. And lots of friends' birthdays are reaching, starting from next week, including my dearest boyf~ XDD

Okay, back to work soon~ Tonight gonna be a busy night too. Trix & Gerry are coming over to pack the apparels and tomorrow, we're gonna have our 2nd photoshoot. Whoosh~ *prays that the weather will be better*

Okie~ More photos will be uploaded soon so stay tune to Jojo~
Okay, that was quite toot. XD

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