Monday, June 14, 2010

My 1st Concert Ever!

Yeayea! I finally attended my 1st concert ever! And yes, you must be thinking I'm a mountain tortoise huh? Heehee.

Well, most of the concerts held in Singapore are mainly chinese singers/bands which I'm not really a huge fan of so I didn't attend any. Besides, I don't really listen to chinese songs as my chinese is... well, horrible is an understatement I guess. =p

Anyway, last Saturday, I went for a Mayday concert! Courtesy of my dear boyf!

I do listen to Mayday songs, it is one of the few bands I actually listen to. Heehee. So Danny, Trix, XM & I went to the Singapore Indoor Stadium for the concert which was actually some company, BWL, 20th anniversary... and they managed to hire Mayday! Like.. woah!

Before the event~

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for the 1st and last hour which was the opening act and the 60min Mayday concert~

Well, I would say it was an enriching experience for me though at some point of the event, it did bore all of us.
Some parts of the event made me dislike this sign now:

Those who went, you probably would know why.

But the Mayday concert totally woke all of us up! You can totally see the crowd standing and the hype that they brought with them to the event! Woots! Enjoyed myself thoroughly during that!

And since there was a period of boredom, what else to do besides self-entertaining?


Well, it turns out that when I was camwhoring...

My boyf was staring at his other girlf in his phone. Tsk tsk tsk.. Hahahaha!

Overall, my 1st concert experience was great and I understand why Mayday concerts are so woah and the 'heat' and hype they managed to bring. Even I was excited and hyped up, me being a person who knows less than 10 of their songs. =p It was really awesome!! I had lots of fun there with Danny & Trix and it was great being able to attend it with XM~ Heehee!

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