Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Class of 2010

It was the day where I donned a Hogwarts lookalike robe, stone in a chair for 1 hour + and go on stage to receive a blank file.

Okay~ I just made my graduation sound so 'interesting'

Anyway, I wasn't exactly looking forward to my graduation because I knew it wasn't what I expected to be and I ain't that close with my classmates. I wished I could have graduated at the same session with the rest of my friends. Too bad it was all sorted into different schools.


And as I came from work, I realised I was running behind time.

So the day had a bad start, which made me all the more reluctant to go for the ceremony when I heard Jun and Sandy weren't going.

Nonetheless I am glad that I still had a few close friends in this session with me~
Good thing Zoe was with me as I was waiting in the queue where we camwhored a little.

Met William too! I feel like a midget next to him.

Silvia, the Korean siao!

Gonna miss them all so so so so much! Wish I could continue studying with them.

Especially Marcus & Glenn.

And so that sums up my graduation day. Boring yea? But I guess my parents were happy and so I am then.

Look at how happy they seem. LOL!

A gift from them. (Ok, they bought it from the alumni booth but it still counts)

And the reward I get after 3 years in NYP!

I wonder how will my uni life be? Gonna look forward to it! XDD

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