Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mud Flood!

It has been raining quite heavily in Orchard / town area recently! Due to my stubborness to not stuff an umbrella in my bag before leaving the house, I had to walk in the rain yesterday morning which caused me a night of endless sneezing. Learning from my lesson, I stuff my Hello Kitty umbrelly into my bag and left. Thank goodness I did. Freaking heavy rain in town area now!! I'm comfy and warm in my office but look at this!
Woah! Mud flood at Ion area. Boyf showed this to me as he was afraid I'll go rolling in the mud... just kidding. hahaha!

Just posting it here 'cos I felt it is like woah! So everyone, please put on your yellow wellies (no moles required) and umbrella before going out~ XDD

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