Thursday, June 17, 2010


A rant of mine.
(Please read till the end. I've edited something there. Kinda of important.) Cheerios

This story is fictional. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is completely concidental.

Completely, I tell you.

And so it starts.

I love shopping. There, I spilled the truth.

And thanks to the advancement in information technology now, shopping is not just limited to brick and mortar but also the online world.

Online shopping can be such a breeze to us customers. Clickity click and tadaa~ 'Your order has been sent in.' The owners reply you and done deal right?

But.. what happens if you decided to create some 'magic' for them? Ahhh~ Interesting huh?

I used to think that one request from me as a customer wouldn't do much harm ya? But who knows if there are gazillion customers who think like me? Woohooo~ The owners are gonna dieeee.

Common sense, don't you think? Well, I admit that I only sympathised with them after working in the outside world.

Time is precious in this world. Majority of our life is spend on studying and working. Why do we do all that when we obviously dislike it so? To earn a living, to feed ourselves, our wants, our needs, etc.

So at times, why make so much trouble for each other when all we're doing are exactly the same? Of course I'm not saying you should just take crap from people. Know your rights but do not abuse it.

Example, if you happen to have requested a meeting with someone, but maybe let's just say 15-20 min before the stipulated time, you inform the person you're gonna be late and the reason being is due to self-indulgence.

Helloooo?~~ You freaking think the other person has all the time in the world to wait for you ar? Who wouldn't get irritated? Especially when the person is just an acquaintance and happens to have a history of lateness.

Ok, that's one. Oh, and my bad. Changing the time 20 mins before the meeting isn't last minute at all. I'm just too uptight over it and happened to miss my comfy lunch. And yea, offering my help before that is wrong. And being on time or arriving slightly earlier on time is WRONG!

Freak you!

And if others who have faced the same situation (not the lateness) as you and are happy with no complaints, doesn't that freaking show something about YOU?

Booya! And I believe that this protagonist (not me) in my story has trouble calculating time. Ahhh~ Expected since she doesn't take time seriously. Or else, she just have trouble reading. Tsk tsk. Either way, I kinda of pity her. So please, to make it up to you, take more advantage of my kindness. Please do~

If I'm working, and I know I can handle my time by doing another hobby of mine, why not. I don't see any wrong in it.

And what's wrong with multi-tasking if I am capable. It keeps me active, both physically and mentally. And I need to be kept active or I would just go into a slump.

So in the end, thank you for keeping me 'active' and it has been ages since I felt the urge to rant something out with a story. Since secondary 3 I guess.

End of story~

I love this rant. It makes me feel so much at ease and yea~ I'm off to a movie date with my boyf now!

EDIT: Okay, so some of yall think that I'm writing this out 'cos of my experiences in co-hosting a blogshop. Well, it's partially true. So I shall continue more here.

I had great experiences with customers online too. Some of them were really enthusiastic which made me really happy when replying to them. Really! You can see my face grinning like mad as I'm replying them. It also cheered me up whenever I see them thanking us and saying they will order more. Somehow, it creates a bond ya? Heehee. So, just to say, not all experiences are bad. In fact, huge majority of them were good and super duper nice and it was great during the meet-up! Hahahaha!

Another thing was that, I chose to take down this post earlier on at 2am. But posting it up again so as to affirm some things to myself and maybe to you peeps out there.

First, I couldn't get to sleep last night as I still felt lots of frustrations in me. Not just because of this but a lot of factors. Been feeling that since yesterday. Pssft. Posting it up not just because it vents out the frustration but because I really like this post of mine. XD

Secondly, I don't wish to run away and repeat what I did in Sec 3 for my post.

Thirdly, the main thing is that, this is just me. This is a blog where I can type out what I feel and what I'm going through. True, at times, what I say may offend some people, but this has always been an outlet for me to vent out and to type what I feel and I hope it will continue to do so. Though I know the readers on my blog are increasing thanks to JFS but still, I don't wish to change my blog totally. I felt restrained after taking down my post yesterday. I thought I wouldn't at first but it proved me wrong.

If people do not wish to see this post (I'm not sure if there are more coming) and stop frequenting here. I'm okay. I'm not planning to be a blogger blogger ya? As in, I blog, yes. But I don't expect myself to be famous or even well-known 'cos of my blog. (But I plan to be famous through other things. =P) I mean, that's the truth.

So, all I mean is that, I gotta do another disclaimer.

My blog is about what I feel, what I think and what my life is. It isn't perfect and might be full of nonsense and crap. And as I'm not planning to be someone known for her blog, hits and all don't really affect me. If you think that I have nuffnang signs on my blog is contradicting, well, if it earns money and doesn't cost me a cent, why not? Of course, it makes me happy and glad to know that people are reading my blog be it out of curiousity or other reasons.

JFS is JFS while I am I. Please try to not let it affect you and also, please understand where I am coming from. A bird in the open will never get used to a cage, no matter how big the cage may be. I love my blog and of course I hope others love it too. But 免强是没有幸福的.

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