Friday, June 23, 2006


How do you think you are??? You think you can just give me a sms saying that you had forgotten that you had something on and just leave?? How irresponisble of you..I've been waiting for so long and looking forward to that day and you think you can just cancel it with one stupid sms saying: Oops..I got something on.."..just like better get that straight into your stupid dumb head...No other excuses..argh!!!!!

Okay..I was just pissed off at some people who just think that hey have done nothing wrong by sending out just one sms to change some events..just before the actual pissed off..anyway..i left my A-maths hw and my physics homework..sigh..okay..just wanted to vent off some of my anger and luck 4 e hw..hahas..i need it i guess..

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Well, just came back from camp on Monday. It was pretty great and I love my group. Lols..They are so cute..hehex..I also gotten to know some of my really good friends even better by staying up late and to chit-chat for a few hours. Hahax..Ohh..and anime night is a must in the camp, but later on, the anime night became sleeping night when everyone around me fell asleep..lols..and I soon fell asleep was pretty good and the skit we put on was great, well, quite happy with the camp..Hopefully the camp next time will be as good..lols..

After I came back from camp, I had to go back to school to meet Mr R. for some problems solving qn, only to find that all the girls had skipped this lesson except for me..sobx..lols..And there was I, among all the5 guys, lols..they were happily talking about soccer and stuff that were alien to me..hahax..anyway, the session was pretty okay and so Mr R. gave us each 2 bucks for us to grab something to eat. And so I went to causeway point and there I saw Naruto Volume 10!!!!!! lols..and the latest volume of MAR manga..hahax..of course I bought both of them. Anyway, last weekend was pretty great, looking forward to this weekend..hahax..

Thursday, June 8, 2006


hi..people has been bugging me to update so i shall update a short post now..lols..well, been pretty busy these few days, watching some new animes like MAR(Marchen Awakens Romance) and Shuffle..super nice to watch,sigh..well, I'm going for a church camp tomorrow, hope it will go well, anyway, I've said it will be short..hehex..Going to continue watching my animes..hehex..

Ja Mata-ne!!!!
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