Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Movies Movies and more Movies~

Yes Movies!

I'm guilty of watching all these and I don't plan on stopping my movie spree. LOL...anyway I only posted those recent chinese movies that I watch as the english ones are quite a lot too. And somehow, the chinese movies are pretty nice.

1st up. Its not that old and not that recent. Painted Skin. My so called 1st 'horror' movie...if it can be count horror. Painted Skin. Pretty good. Had to spend a long time looking for a nice movie poster, some were too scary. At last, I found Zhao Wei's movie poster of it. She rocks! Still my favourite actress as always. Zhou Xun was pretty good. Still prefer both of them in My Fair Princess and Legend of the Arching Hero better. Hahas.

Next up is Storm Rider, Clash of the Evils.
Not really familiar with the story and had to say, it didn't really catch my eye at first, but after watching it, its quite good. Had to get use with them speaking chinese instead of Japanese.

And the latest movie which was today is Butterfly Lovers. Suddenly felt like watching the show. It was weird watching them act in period show and I thought the ending would be a happy one, instead of the original, but oh crap. Lots of 'dots' and 'huhs' in the show but there were some good parts too. Heex.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

1st Week

1st week of school. Pretty like my timetable this time round. Its not as bad as some of the other timetables I've seen and its much better than my previous. I'm taking 8 modules this semester and finally, I'm starting to learn Japanese, elementary though, but better than nothing. Hahas. My class is more or less clique-ifed so yea. Most of the groupings this time round are random so I guess there will be a chance to work with different people, which is a good experience too. Nothing too heavy for the 1st week, like some of my tutors who are pretty good while others, not much comments. Heex.

Open house is coming so practice for that starts soon, like next saturday. Gotta work hard and do my best. Yosh!

As time goes by, I'm starting to feel indifferent to things that I used to care about a lot in the past. I wonder if its me changing or the things. Probably me. My Year 1 life was different from my Secondary years and now my Year 2 life is way different from both, and I'm loving it. Yeaps~

Okies, off for now. Time for R&R.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Anyway, decided to update my blog a little since its kinda of dead...again. Attachment is ending soon, finally. Its back to school for me with 8 modules next semester. KILL ME! Oh well, gotta do my best in it and slack. Whahahaha. This coming week is my last week of attachment and then school starts again. Can't wait to find out my timetable so I can happily start planning which days to skip. Heex.

Besides school, there's always entertainment and the latest few for me are: Cardcaptor Sakura & Special A!!!

Woots, I'm super hyped about Special A. Hikari is cool! Kei is zai...LOL..Anyway, its a super nice show and it just topped the list of my favourite anime. XDDDD

Anyway, that's about all, going back to my surfing, online, not the sea surfing. XDDD I will post up the pictures once I've uploaded it which will be quite some time. Heex.
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