Sunday, October 19, 2008

1st Week

1st week of school. Pretty like my timetable this time round. Its not as bad as some of the other timetables I've seen and its much better than my previous. I'm taking 8 modules this semester and finally, I'm starting to learn Japanese, elementary though, but better than nothing. Hahas. My class is more or less clique-ifed so yea. Most of the groupings this time round are random so I guess there will be a chance to work with different people, which is a good experience too. Nothing too heavy for the 1st week, like some of my tutors who are pretty good while others, not much comments. Heex.

Open house is coming so practice for that starts soon, like next saturday. Gotta work hard and do my best. Yosh!

As time goes by, I'm starting to feel indifferent to things that I used to care about a lot in the past. I wonder if its me changing or the things. Probably me. My Year 1 life was different from my Secondary years and now my Year 2 life is way different from both, and I'm loving it. Yeaps~

Okies, off for now. Time for R&R.

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