Sunday, October 5, 2008


Anyway, decided to update my blog a little since its kinda of dead...again. Attachment is ending soon, finally. Its back to school for me with 8 modules next semester. KILL ME! Oh well, gotta do my best in it and slack. Whahahaha. This coming week is my last week of attachment and then school starts again. Can't wait to find out my timetable so I can happily start planning which days to skip. Heex.

Besides school, there's always entertainment and the latest few for me are: Cardcaptor Sakura & Special A!!!

Woots, I'm super hyped about Special A. Hikari is cool! Kei is zai...LOL..Anyway, its a super nice show and it just topped the list of my favourite anime. XDDDD

Anyway, that's about all, going back to my surfing, online, not the sea surfing. XDDD I will post up the pictures once I've uploaded it which will be quite some time. Heex.

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