Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Once again..

Yeaps, you saw it right. I'm back once again. And this time, let's just strip it bare. Just you & me. Words, words and more words. Call it laziness or tiring, all those old posts I wanted to blog about, mainly filled with pictures and all, are non-existent. I lost quite a bulk of photos last year when my baby Vaio crashed. And I only recovered 80gb worth of photos. I know that sounds like there's a lot of photos but trust me, there were more. So yea, after retrieving my photos, I didn't really went to sort them out. So good news, no backlog! Well, good news for me.

Had the urge this morning to revamp my blog. But after going through yet another meeting in school, I felt too lazy AND tired to do it. Since the last time I blogged, there were countless of times I wanted to blog but I felt suppressed. Restricted. So many things I wanted to say but yet, I can't. So many things I want to share, to shout to the world, to note it down for myself in this personal space of mine but I guess with technology now, it isn't really that personal anymore. And for people who tell me to just blog it all out, you peeps are nuts.

Suppression. It's a love-hate relationship for me. How many relationships have I blown up with that? Some I managed to salvaged but some.. It's my bad habit. Suppressing issues and all. Maybe I'm being too nice, or a coward or avoiding conflicts, whatever you call it, I do that. Just can't seem to stop myself. I try and I guess I did change a little but it's still really hard for me. But I'm wishing with all my might and strength that I won't blow up anymore relationships due to this bad habit. Note: Relationships =/= Boy-Girl Relationships.

I guess this is just a random post I decided to do so some random updates? Currently still studying, 1.5 more years to go. Bad & good news for me again. I got an HP Spectre XT to replace my Vaio. Going for an exchange to Vancouver UBC soon in June for a few months. Hmm, what other happenings? None really. I guess I'm a pretty boring person. Oh well, I accept that. Whahahaha!

I predict that after this post, I'll probably 'die' off the surface of this blog again and update like.. Ok. I don't really have an answer for that. Haha! But I guess I'll still be pretty active on the other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and probably Facebook? iPhone is just handy. Oh yea! Currently addicted to Line Play. =X Guilty as charged. So kudos! Signing off!~
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