Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Whooo!~ There's the Halloween-ish feeling all around me now. Last sat, Kim, Eileen and I went down to Far East to do some window shopping and to buy souvenirs for the Japanese Students that are coming down tomorrow. I totally can't wait for tomorrow. Wheee~ Though there are a few sacrifices that must be made, I'm totally willing. Okay, I'm a little lazy to blog but its not my fault, its just that...uhrmm..things sorta of happen and I was a little too busy. OKAY, never mind about that.

Last friday after school, I went to Fifi's house to celebrate Hari Raya...We went there and tried on her Baku Kurong I think. I didn't really try out much but was taking pictures of them. It was quite fun and stuff.

Last Saturday, Kim, Eileen and I went down town. There was a halloween celebration there and there were creepy characters like Davy Jones(POC), Sadako, Scream..etc etc etc. Kim and I took pics with all of them. Wanted to post them up, but am too lazy to Heex.

Its quite stressful nowadays and there's lots of things to be done. Not just school but home stuff too. Ahhh~ Tomorrow is coming!!~

Sunday, October 14, 2007


A new era is arriving.
The King is ill.
I'm unsure.
Have faith in God is what I have to do.
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