Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Heyo!! Changed my blog address. Didn't realise that 'JoXianna' was not taken. Bah! Which was why it took me so long. =P

Anyway, I've just started my twitter account yesterday. It's really easy updating the status on the go through SMS or wifi. The wonders of technology~

My twitter account is the same as my blog address.

Okie~ That's all for now! Nites. XDD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blogger App!

Yay! Blogspot finally has an app for iTouch/iPhone now. Just downloaded it and this is my 1st entry. So far, it seems pretty user friendly. XDD

Just came back from Gin's birthday chalet and had a great time over there. Had to leave earlier as usual. Sigh~

Anyway, XM is back from Bangkok but he might be flying off again on Monday. *crosses fingers* Things seems to be settled and are back to normal. XDD Move on move on time~ Sometimes, I just feel that I'm super fortunate. However, I know there are many things still unsettled and have to be done. Heex. Looking forward to the upcoming plans!

Okie, that's all for now. Gonna try out the photo posting function in this app too, so here goes a picture~

The 3D puzzle bear I made for XM. Heex.

Natsu 2009. Hopefully will get to go again this year and in yukata. *Hint hint* XDD

Not bad, pictures just can't be shifted. These polaroids are edited through a Polaroid App too. Heex. I love polaroids. XDD Ookie~ time to zzz. Nites peeps! XDD

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

No news means good news?

No news from him today. Maoooo~

Hope he's doing well there. Nyah~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I was doing a simple quiz online and when it asked for my age, I typed in '18'. After a few seconds, then it occurred to me that I'm 20 this year! Like, WOAH!! 2X. Hahax. I have no idea why I typed 18 anyway. Hahax.

Anyway, the quiz I was doing is something I got from Eileen's blog. This website/guru is able to guess the character you are thinking of, basically from the answers to his questions. So far, its been pretty accurate until I asked about a character from a old chinese drama, Ji Xiang Ru Yi. Whahaha! I just finished screening it, didn't have time to watch and I lovee it!!! I got it from Taobao. Been wanting to buy it for a long time and since TB has it, might as well right? I'm going to start buying lots of DVDs from there now. Hahax.

Here are some of the answers~

1st up! Tamaki!~

Followed by Kyouya~

Then I wanted to try the accuracy so I thought of Hikaru and Kaoru.

Enough Ouran~ Natsume and Yuki.

Enough anime guys. Lol.

Character versus Actress. Hahax.

Hrmmm~ Teaser? LOL!

The answers that shocked me the most were Kyouya, Kaoru, Alice, Yuki and Natsume. Whahaha! Okie, time to sleep~ IB Exam tomorrow. Sobs~


Monday, January 18, 2010

Living in the past..

I just realised that I've been living or should I say, reminiscing, the past too much recently.

Note the words: 'too much'

I've always been a person who likes to think back about the past and I think that recently, I've been doing it a bit too much~ Time for me to walk further down the path. Maybe its due to the stuff that's been happening these few days that is causing me to go down the memories lane. With the arrival of my family members and the barrier between us, guess I just wanted to escape a little from it. But now~ I feel so much better after the 'talk' on Sat. Hopefully things turn out well. Heehee. He is flying to Bangkok in another 10 hours time and won't be back for 1 week. Praying that it won't delay too much~ Heex.

Oh well~ I must get over this habit of mine of wandering into memories lane. But at times, I guess I can't believe that 2009 is over. Hahax.. It's an happening year for me. LOL. It's a year of heartbreak, growing up, striving forward, family like friendships, management, obstacles, sorrow, pain and love for me.

Okok~ This post is starting to feel a little emo now~ Hahax.. Actually, there are lots of stuff that I'm happy for too! Heex. *yawns* I feel like sleeping soon. But just a picture of my 3 new buys!

My Pink/Red Shades!! Yesh! 'Bimbo' shades. (Sherwinnnn~ Bimbo! Hahax)

New Cap~ MTV! Wanted a cap for a loooong time. Now I'm looking for a Pink or Red cap.

My new ice-cream bag! Got it from Bugis Junction~! Wheeee!

Oh, one weird thing happened on Saturday morning. We found this right outside our doorstep.

LOL! Shoes for sale? Hahax! In any case, those do not belong to anyone in my family. Hahax.

Okie~ All for now. More next time! Nights people! XDD

Have a safe trip~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

There is no remedy for love but to love more.

I feel so pissed off today. Main person was my mom. Shan't elaborate but just that I got woken up really early for something so redundant and later on, by minor details that could have been solved by just thinking a little more. Seriously.

Anyway, that's past, though there are some stuff that is going on that is still making me quite pissed but I shall be tolerant for these few days. It's really testing my patience.

I gotta say that my mood is really bad these few days, feeling upset, grumpy and angry. Though the arrival of my cousins is a distraction for me from my problems, but there are also lots of complications. I really enjoy their company but like I said, complications. This is where human nature shows. Sigh~

2010 seems to be a year starting with tribulations. It is also a transition year for me with my graduation from poly, I have no idea which university I'm going or what degree I'm going to be taking. Currently still thinking about it. Not to say, there seems to be so many problems that are flying about, be it relationship or studies. Guess the stuff that is affecting me lately are these two. But I'm really glad that I'm finally able to talk it out and stuff. Was feeling very suffocated these few days but I'm feeling better now. Thanks! Thanks to those who were concerned about me when they saw my horrid temper this week. Hahax.

So what do you do when you're in a bad mood? For me, I'll go shopping. Okay, I didn't actually go on a shopping spree but while I was bringing Clinton and Shanice around, I saw this really cool shop in Bugis Junction and bought an ice-cream bag there. It was really cute and when I was about to pay, I found a really nice black and gold MTV cap. I wanted a cap for a really long time so I decided to get it. Hahas! Was really happy with my buys!

Okay, I shall post up the pictures when I get back my room which I have no idea when. Feeling really tired now so I shall go and sleep. Might even be going to the zoo tomorrow with them~ Oh well. Oh yea, the title above is by Mifuyu from Tayutama - Kiss on my Deity. Maybe I'll try to follow it though I'm not sure if I exactly agree with it. But for now, there is nothing that I can do but to be patient.


He is flying on Monday.. Will I get to see him before he leaves?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Curiousity killed jO

Okay, I was just kidding about the title above. I'm not dead yet.

Anyway, finally had a little talk with him about the issues that were hanging around and bothering the both of us. I thought that things were taking a better turn after Sunday, however, I guess the trials are still ongoing.

With this talk, it cleared up some of my questions but at the same time, it created an even bigger and scarier doubt. One that I wish not to have.

Hopefully a few weeks later or even sooner (I hope), things can finally come to a close and we will be able to move on further.

On the way back and reaching home, just started to bawl again. Luckily, only my dog was there to hear my screams. Hahax. Poor her. After random thinking, I start to wonder if I've been inflicted with a curse or so. But that's just foolish thinking. Hahax. Guess I better get to sleep soon. Tomorrow is just a presentation and out with Shanice and Clinton again.

I really pray and hope that things will turn for the better soon. The new year is not getting to a good start. Sigh~

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things that I want to say...

"There are many things that I want to say out to you, but it just never seems to come out.
Be it whether there was a lack of time, wrong timing, I never managed to complete the things that I wanted to tell you.

Though at times, when I managed to say it out, the atmosphere when I told you is different from how I imagined it to be, and so was your reaction.

But there is a difference between reality and imagination.

Things that I wanted to tell you but haven't:

Well, in general, that's what I wanted to say but have been unable to yet.

At the same time, I want to be a good listener too~ =) "

Heex.. Just felt like typing this out now. XDDD Oh yea! I had a fun time at NYP Open House 2010!! Met up with lots of friends and made new friends too! Heehee! I want to see what the future will unfold for me now. XDD

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yoooo! I've just completed my part for Managing Change & Diversity while I was watching TV. Heex.. Multi-tasking is goooood! Anyway, just found out from the class today that there will be no class on Friday~! Wheeeee!!! It also means I'm free on that day. Heehee.. Am contemplating whether to go to school for Open House though I feel bit weird to go. Hahax.. free day and I'm still going back to school. But.... also not sure what to do. Anyone wanna date me in the morning and afternoon? I'm going to be free on Thursday evening too. Hehehe! *coughkimcough*

Shopping tomorrow with Sherwinnnn!!! Yay! Time to dress him up again. Heex~Okie, I'm just being random and bored here ya.. Shall I have ice-cream tomorrow? =P

Ah! I remembered what I wanted to blog about. Yesterday, while I was at XM's house, he was showing me some articles of a molestation case that happened at the Countdown Party @ Siloso Beach. It was a case of 4 men molesting an apparently drunk bikini-clad lady on stage. I didn't see the video of it but I looked through the pictures that are pasted all over the net now. There are rumors that the lady is not actually a female, she was a hired dancer for the party, etc. There are also opinions saying that she deserves it while others sympathize with her. I just feel that its true she should have taken better care of herself at places at like this. Being a drunk bikini clad lady who seems to be alone too is definitely in a precarious situation. But it doesn't mean that it gives people the right to take advantage of her. And the first thing that was going through my mind when I saw those pictures was that, there are so many people taking videos and photographs just right in front of them!!! Even though its a party and people are high, but couldn't anyone do anything to help her??? Its possible that the crowd has the mentality that this is a free show and just 'enjoy' it? Oh, and mustn't forget to take videos and pictures to spread around right??
Sigh~ Is this the mentality of majority of Singaporeans now?

Anyway, people have different opinions on it and I shan't say much. Google it if you want more details.

Oh yea, I was talking to few friends recently, mainly Trixy and Jun, about spree-ing and I was inspired to start an online spree business. Its just a thought for now. Even if I start, it will only be in March, after my exams. Still thinking to how I should do it. Well, there are other factors to think through too. Still got quite some time before March, so there's still time for me to consider. Heex.. Anyway, if anyone is interested in buying from Taobao, do leave me a tag~ XDD Response testing now. XDD


Should I? Should I? Should I?

Anyway, I can't wait for my spree items to reach again. Yar... I just bought new items again last week. It was a quick order because there were urgent items to be bought. Hahax, so had to make it quick. Anyway, will probably be opening another spree once I received my stuff. Maybe on 3rd week of Jan so if anyone needs stuff before CNY, there will be enough time. Maybe the next spree I'll also get my ponytail hair extensions to replace those that I used for my maid dress up previously. Hahax.

And speaking of CNY, time to look out for new clothes!~ Yayyy! Time to dress up like ang bao again..... not! Hahax.

Okie, I'm feeling bit high now~ Lack of sleep recently~ Meaning its time to Zzzz.. 2am now. Nites!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Xmas Celebrations

I'm feeling hardworking today so I guess I'll just update till the end of 2009. Shan't delay too much. Hahax.

So, on Christmas Day, the group of us went to watch..............


WOOTS! I was a fan of the animation so I was interested to see the Chipettes too. Hahax. I enjoyed the movie and it was great watching it on Christmas, it just adds on to the Xmas feeling~ I think there were more singing in the 1st movie than the 2nd whereas the 2nd movie has more renditions of recent hit songs.

After that we walked around Clarke Quay and Liang Court area before having our dinner at Liang Court. The food was pretty good. Hahax. It was great hanging out with the family on Christmas and I enjoyed it. Upon reaching home, I spend some time with my parents too before the end of Christmas Day too. XDD

The next day, Boxing Day, I went to Xiang Min house where we exchanged presents and I had to collect the presents from his house too. Love the present XM gave me, a star bracelet. XDD Thanks so much dear!

After that, it was time for me to enjoy dear's cooking. Hahax.. He cooked Somen for our lunch. We bought the Somen from Meidi-Ya the previous day as we were walking around. It caught my eyes as the somen was pink in colour. Interesting right? It was the 1st time I had somen too. Hahax.. It was yummylicious!~

We had Qoo for drinks too~ The guys bought a bottle of Qoo each the day before and each bottle cap had a different expression. Super cute! Hahax.

XM's bottle. =P

Later on, Steve, Oz, Shu Herng, Danny and Trixy came over and we watched MirrorMask. A pretty good show. Told Kim to go watch it~ Hahax.. After that, we left for Hougang Green where we celebrated Mio's birthday! Had a filling dinner there. XDD

The next day was Christmas Sunday at my church. The usual stuff but Gift Exchange this year was more exciting and hyped up~ I was in-charge of the whole thing again and it's been some time since I was so hyped up 'emcee-ing'. Hahax. Enjoyed the Xmas celebrations there too.

The next few days were just stoning and project meetings and finally Wednesday was here! A date with Kim & our pet chicken, Chiang!

Zilian before going off to meet them in town~

On the way too~ Whahaha~

We went to watch Avatar in 3D again (2nd time for me!) at Lido as they had not caught it yet. Kim and I were hyped up at the show and the whole cinema was full! Lots of people watching it too. After the show, we went to Taka for some snacks, headed down to Cineleisure to take neoprints~ Whahaha. Forced Chiang along with us too. Had a crazy time decorating the neoprints and Chiang saw a different side to Kim and I. Whahahaha!!


Went to Shokudo @ Heeren for makan later on. I just ate deserts as I was pretty full~ Yummy~!
Shokudo Special!

Then it was time to go our separate ways and head home~ Had a great day with them. Hopefully I'll be able to meet them again soon! Heex. Those two crazy kukus! Hahax..

Next day was Countdown @ Jovan's house. Was not in a good mood during that period but I'm over it~ Hahax. Did not take much pictures due to my mood. But there's still some due to their urging. Lol.
You can see that I needed more pushing to take pictures. Hahax.

Jean & Me

And that concludes the end of 2009! Looking forward to what this new year has to bring for my family, my friends, my love and me! XDDD

Here's the 1st picture of 2010 that we took!

Okie! Cya soon! Time to zzz! Nights~ Happy Jo is back! XDD

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Youth Retreat 2009


Back again! Hahax. Okie, about the Youth Retreat. It was held on the 21st to 23rd December but I only joined them on the 22nd as I had lots of things to do on the 21st.

We had our retreat at Celestial Resort @ Pulau Ubin and I had to take a bus from Sengkang to Marina Country Club and from there, speedboat-ed to their jetty. Before taking the 1st bus, which was at noon, I met Xiang Min for Mac Breakfast. Wheeee~
Oh! And the journey to the jetty was shiok!!! The wind was super strong. Hahax, though there's the downside of untangling your hair if you didn't tie them up like me. Heehee.

We cycled a lot and some of them also sustain quite a lot of injuries but overall, it was good. It's been a long time since I've cycled so much and I had my 1st experience at fish spa! It was kinda of disgusting at 1st but the smoothness later on was super nice. Hahax, I wanna go again~ =P

Took lots of pictures, most of them on Facebook but only posting some up here. Those taken with the crazy gals! Hahax.

Fish Spa~

My feet and hand~

With Jean~

Joy, Jean, Jo

Crazy Photo taking starts here:

Xin Ru & Xin Yi

With my patient, Xin Lei. WHAHAHAHA! (I'm evil. =P)

Group Photo before leaving~

The next day was carolling and it was pretty good, went crazy on the bus and super tiring. We ended around 1 + at my house and they still had to go back to the 1st house to collect their cars and stuff. I was dead tired by then. Sang lots of carols on the bus too and took lots of pictures, especially at my house. Hahax. Had a great time at carolling though was kinda of disappointed that I couldn't attend the Family Xmas Party @ XM's house. Oh well, there's definitely a next time. Yosh!

Most of the pictures are on Facebook too, didn't take much photos. But here's some~

With Meredith & JJ

All together~

Okie, that's all for this post. Next post is for my Xmas and post Xmas Celebrations and maybe Countdown 2009. Hahax!
Catcha there!
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