Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I was doing a simple quiz online and when it asked for my age, I typed in '18'. After a few seconds, then it occurred to me that I'm 20 this year! Like, WOAH!! 2X. Hahax. I have no idea why I typed 18 anyway. Hahax.

Anyway, the quiz I was doing is something I got from Eileen's blog. This website/guru is able to guess the character you are thinking of, basically from the answers to his questions. So far, its been pretty accurate until I asked about a character from a old chinese drama, Ji Xiang Ru Yi. Whahaha! I just finished screening it, didn't have time to watch and I lovee it!!! I got it from Taobao. Been wanting to buy it for a long time and since TB has it, might as well right? I'm going to start buying lots of DVDs from there now. Hahax.

Here are some of the answers~

1st up! Tamaki!~

Followed by Kyouya~

Then I wanted to try the accuracy so I thought of Hikaru and Kaoru.

Enough Ouran~ Natsume and Yuki.

Enough anime guys. Lol.

Character versus Actress. Hahax.

Hrmmm~ Teaser? LOL!

The answers that shocked me the most were Kyouya, Kaoru, Alice, Yuki and Natsume. Whahaha! Okie, time to sleep~ IB Exam tomorrow. Sobs~


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