Monday, January 4, 2010

Xmas Celebrations

I'm feeling hardworking today so I guess I'll just update till the end of 2009. Shan't delay too much. Hahax.

So, on Christmas Day, the group of us went to watch..............


WOOTS! I was a fan of the animation so I was interested to see the Chipettes too. Hahax. I enjoyed the movie and it was great watching it on Christmas, it just adds on to the Xmas feeling~ I think there were more singing in the 1st movie than the 2nd whereas the 2nd movie has more renditions of recent hit songs.

After that we walked around Clarke Quay and Liang Court area before having our dinner at Liang Court. The food was pretty good. Hahax. It was great hanging out with the family on Christmas and I enjoyed it. Upon reaching home, I spend some time with my parents too before the end of Christmas Day too. XDD

The next day, Boxing Day, I went to Xiang Min house where we exchanged presents and I had to collect the presents from his house too. Love the present XM gave me, a star bracelet. XDD Thanks so much dear!

After that, it was time for me to enjoy dear's cooking. Hahax.. He cooked Somen for our lunch. We bought the Somen from Meidi-Ya the previous day as we were walking around. It caught my eyes as the somen was pink in colour. Interesting right? It was the 1st time I had somen too. Hahax.. It was yummylicious!~

We had Qoo for drinks too~ The guys bought a bottle of Qoo each the day before and each bottle cap had a different expression. Super cute! Hahax.

XM's bottle. =P

Later on, Steve, Oz, Shu Herng, Danny and Trixy came over and we watched MirrorMask. A pretty good show. Told Kim to go watch it~ Hahax.. After that, we left for Hougang Green where we celebrated Mio's birthday! Had a filling dinner there. XDD

The next day was Christmas Sunday at my church. The usual stuff but Gift Exchange this year was more exciting and hyped up~ I was in-charge of the whole thing again and it's been some time since I was so hyped up 'emcee-ing'. Hahax. Enjoyed the Xmas celebrations there too.

The next few days were just stoning and project meetings and finally Wednesday was here! A date with Kim & our pet chicken, Chiang!

Zilian before going off to meet them in town~

On the way too~ Whahaha~

We went to watch Avatar in 3D again (2nd time for me!) at Lido as they had not caught it yet. Kim and I were hyped up at the show and the whole cinema was full! Lots of people watching it too. After the show, we went to Taka for some snacks, headed down to Cineleisure to take neoprints~ Whahaha. Forced Chiang along with us too. Had a crazy time decorating the neoprints and Chiang saw a different side to Kim and I. Whahahaha!!


Went to Shokudo @ Heeren for makan later on. I just ate deserts as I was pretty full~ Yummy~!
Shokudo Special!

Then it was time to go our separate ways and head home~ Had a great day with them. Hopefully I'll be able to meet them again soon! Heex. Those two crazy kukus! Hahax..

Next day was Countdown @ Jovan's house. Was not in a good mood during that period but I'm over it~ Hahax. Did not take much pictures due to my mood. But there's still some due to their urging. Lol.
You can see that I needed more pushing to take pictures. Hahax.

Jean & Me

And that concludes the end of 2009! Looking forward to what this new year has to bring for my family, my friends, my love and me! XDDD

Here's the 1st picture of 2010 that we took!

Okie! Cya soon! Time to zzz! Nights~ Happy Jo is back! XDD

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