Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Curiousity killed jO

Okay, I was just kidding about the title above. I'm not dead yet.

Anyway, finally had a little talk with him about the issues that were hanging around and bothering the both of us. I thought that things were taking a better turn after Sunday, however, I guess the trials are still ongoing.

With this talk, it cleared up some of my questions but at the same time, it created an even bigger and scarier doubt. One that I wish not to have.

Hopefully a few weeks later or even sooner (I hope), things can finally come to a close and we will be able to move on further.

On the way back and reaching home, just started to bawl again. Luckily, only my dog was there to hear my screams. Hahax. Poor her. After random thinking, I start to wonder if I've been inflicted with a curse or so. But that's just foolish thinking. Hahax. Guess I better get to sleep soon. Tomorrow is just a presentation and out with Shanice and Clinton again.

I really pray and hope that things will turn for the better soon. The new year is not getting to a good start. Sigh~

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