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Lots to pictures to post and updates for the month of December last year~

Finally in the mood to upload all the pictures. Heehee. XDD

Oops, just looked through, might have some pictures from November too. Lol!

Hello Kitty Lab:
Well, Xiang Min and I had a debate on whether to go for the Hello Kitty Lab as we felt that the prices might not be that worth it. In the end, we still went. The timing we went was a non-peak hour so there weren't much people and we managed to complete the whole thing within 35 minutes. XM passed all the checkpoints but I failed one, the step driving thingy. Maybe its a sign I shouldn't pick up driving. Whahahaha.

Here's some pictures~

Before entering the KittyLab~

Sneak Shot with the Kitty DNA Machine. Imagine if its a handbag. XDDD

Our Kitty ID Cards~ Mine was friendly Kitty while XM was Studious Kitty (I think. I forgot

Camwhoring with the goodies~

Some 'Winter Wonderland' pictures~

I like this picture a lot! XDD

And soon, it was the last day of the school term. 18th Dec. Took pics with Jun, Sandy and Puay Loo. Breakfast Club!!!

Left to Right: Jo, Jun, Sandy

Zilian on my own too. Hahax.

After that, Xiang Min and I went for Mongolian buffet at Park Mall (or is it Park Lane? I always get them mixed up..) with Dickson, Joanna, Martin, Erin, Watson, Xue Fen, Fiona and Ming Yao (? I think. =P). I ate my usual amount of food, didn't manage much and won't say the food there was fantastic. It was okkaaayyy...
We also had gift exchange later on and proceeded to AMK Mac where I met Jacelyn!! Whahahaha. Such a concidence! Lol. Got to talk to her for a little while before going back to the rest.

Waiting for our drinks~
Compare this twist sign to the one below.. Guess whose fingers are those? Hahax

We talked till 12am plus before heading home..Tiredddd.. Zonking out by then.

While waiting for XM to be done.. *Zonking in progress by then*

We headed down to town the next day as he had a wedding to attend and I was meeting Trix for manicures @ NailsBar.

Cabbed there~

Trixy had to do a blogger 'mission' on their service and I was planning to get a mani for myself so we went down together. Heehee.

No pictures from me but she took some. Hahax. It was hard but kinda of fun trying to take pictures on her cam while we're having our manicures. Lol. She did nails extension - Beautiful Nails (yea, they are beautiful) and I did pink graduation~ Niceey! I'm going to try them on my own after I get the pink glitter. *wants more nail polish*

After that I went to meet XM where we headed down to watch AVATAR 3D at Bugis Shaw along with Dickson and Joanna. The movie was AWESOMMEEE!!!! I was getting high during the battle scenes. Whahahaha. Should definitely catch it in the cinemas, if you haven't, go watch it soooon!!! Hahax. (I caught it another time with Kim and Chiang)

After that, XM and I went back to Hougang Mall where we had the Christmas Special @ PizzaHut as he had a craving for it.

Waiting for our noms noms to arrive~

Pink Graduation Nails~

After dinner, I packed my stuff and headed down to City Hall to wait for Trix there to head off to the hotel for the wedding the next day. No piccies from here on too. Oh! And while I was waiting, I had the chance to see the last trains depart from there and it was my 1st time seeing it. Yar, suaku, I know. Hahax.

Okie, that's all for this post. Next post shall be about the Youth Camp from 21st - 23rd Dec~ Those 2 weeks were busy busy weeks for meeee~
Cya real soon. (Like the next post? Hahax)

Tata for now~

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