Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yoooo! I've just completed my part for Managing Change & Diversity while I was watching TV. Heex.. Multi-tasking is goooood! Anyway, just found out from the class today that there will be no class on Friday~! Wheeeee!!! It also means I'm free on that day. Heehee.. Am contemplating whether to go to school for Open House though I feel bit weird to go. Hahax.. free day and I'm still going back to school. But.... also not sure what to do. Anyone wanna date me in the morning and afternoon? I'm going to be free on Thursday evening too. Hehehe! *coughkimcough*

Shopping tomorrow with Sherwinnnn!!! Yay! Time to dress him up again. Heex~Okie, I'm just being random and bored here ya.. Shall I have ice-cream tomorrow? =P

Ah! I remembered what I wanted to blog about. Yesterday, while I was at XM's house, he was showing me some articles of a molestation case that happened at the Countdown Party @ Siloso Beach. It was a case of 4 men molesting an apparently drunk bikini-clad lady on stage. I didn't see the video of it but I looked through the pictures that are pasted all over the net now. There are rumors that the lady is not actually a female, she was a hired dancer for the party, etc. There are also opinions saying that she deserves it while others sympathize with her. I just feel that its true she should have taken better care of herself at places at like this. Being a drunk bikini clad lady who seems to be alone too is definitely in a precarious situation. But it doesn't mean that it gives people the right to take advantage of her. And the first thing that was going through my mind when I saw those pictures was that, there are so many people taking videos and photographs just right in front of them!!! Even though its a party and people are high, but couldn't anyone do anything to help her??? Its possible that the crowd has the mentality that this is a free show and just 'enjoy' it? Oh, and mustn't forget to take videos and pictures to spread around right??
Sigh~ Is this the mentality of majority of Singaporeans now?

Anyway, people have different opinions on it and I shan't say much. Google it if you want more details.

Oh yea, I was talking to few friends recently, mainly Trixy and Jun, about spree-ing and I was inspired to start an online spree business. Its just a thought for now. Even if I start, it will only be in March, after my exams. Still thinking to how I should do it. Well, there are other factors to think through too. Still got quite some time before March, so there's still time for me to consider. Heex.. Anyway, if anyone is interested in buying from Taobao, do leave me a tag~ XDD Response testing now. XDD


Should I? Should I? Should I?

Anyway, I can't wait for my spree items to reach again. Yar... I just bought new items again last week. It was a quick order because there were urgent items to be bought. Hahax, so had to make it quick. Anyway, will probably be opening another spree once I received my stuff. Maybe on 3rd week of Jan so if anyone needs stuff before CNY, there will be enough time. Maybe the next spree I'll also get my ponytail hair extensions to replace those that I used for my maid dress up previously. Hahax.

And speaking of CNY, time to look out for new clothes!~ Yayyy! Time to dress up like ang bao again..... not! Hahax.

Okie, I'm feeling bit high now~ Lack of sleep recently~ Meaning its time to Zzzz.. 2am now. Nites!

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