Sunday, January 3, 2010

Youth Retreat 2009


Back again! Hahax. Okie, about the Youth Retreat. It was held on the 21st to 23rd December but I only joined them on the 22nd as I had lots of things to do on the 21st.

We had our retreat at Celestial Resort @ Pulau Ubin and I had to take a bus from Sengkang to Marina Country Club and from there, speedboat-ed to their jetty. Before taking the 1st bus, which was at noon, I met Xiang Min for Mac Breakfast. Wheeee~
Oh! And the journey to the jetty was shiok!!! The wind was super strong. Hahax, though there's the downside of untangling your hair if you didn't tie them up like me. Heehee.

We cycled a lot and some of them also sustain quite a lot of injuries but overall, it was good. It's been a long time since I've cycled so much and I had my 1st experience at fish spa! It was kinda of disgusting at 1st but the smoothness later on was super nice. Hahax, I wanna go again~ =P

Took lots of pictures, most of them on Facebook but only posting some up here. Those taken with the crazy gals! Hahax.

Fish Spa~

My feet and hand~

With Jean~

Joy, Jean, Jo

Crazy Photo taking starts here:

Xin Ru & Xin Yi

With my patient, Xin Lei. WHAHAHAHA! (I'm evil. =P)

Group Photo before leaving~

The next day was carolling and it was pretty good, went crazy on the bus and super tiring. We ended around 1 + at my house and they still had to go back to the 1st house to collect their cars and stuff. I was dead tired by then. Sang lots of carols on the bus too and took lots of pictures, especially at my house. Hahax. Had a great time at carolling though was kinda of disappointed that I couldn't attend the Family Xmas Party @ XM's house. Oh well, there's definitely a next time. Yosh!

Most of the pictures are on Facebook too, didn't take much photos. But here's some~

With Meredith & JJ

All together~

Okie, that's all for this post. Next post is for my Xmas and post Xmas Celebrations and maybe Countdown 2009. Hahax!
Catcha there!

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