Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blogger App!

Yay! Blogspot finally has an app for iTouch/iPhone now. Just downloaded it and this is my 1st entry. So far, it seems pretty user friendly. XDD

Just came back from Gin's birthday chalet and had a great time over there. Had to leave earlier as usual. Sigh~

Anyway, XM is back from Bangkok but he might be flying off again on Monday. *crosses fingers* Things seems to be settled and are back to normal. XDD Move on move on time~ Sometimes, I just feel that I'm super fortunate. However, I know there are many things still unsettled and have to be done. Heex. Looking forward to the upcoming plans!

Okie, that's all for now. Gonna try out the photo posting function in this app too, so here goes a picture~

The 3D puzzle bear I made for XM. Heex.

Natsu 2009. Hopefully will get to go again this year and in yukata. *Hint hint* XDD

Not bad, pictures just can't be shifted. These polaroids are edited through a Polaroid App too. Heex. I love polaroids. XDD Ookie~ time to zzz. Nites peeps! XDD

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