Monday, January 18, 2010

Living in the past..

I just realised that I've been living or should I say, reminiscing, the past too much recently.

Note the words: 'too much'

I've always been a person who likes to think back about the past and I think that recently, I've been doing it a bit too much~ Time for me to walk further down the path. Maybe its due to the stuff that's been happening these few days that is causing me to go down the memories lane. With the arrival of my family members and the barrier between us, guess I just wanted to escape a little from it. But now~ I feel so much better after the 'talk' on Sat. Hopefully things turn out well. Heehee. He is flying to Bangkok in another 10 hours time and won't be back for 1 week. Praying that it won't delay too much~ Heex.

Oh well~ I must get over this habit of mine of wandering into memories lane. But at times, I guess I can't believe that 2009 is over. Hahax.. It's an happening year for me. LOL. It's a year of heartbreak, growing up, striving forward, family like friendships, management, obstacles, sorrow, pain and love for me.

Okok~ This post is starting to feel a little emo now~ Hahax.. Actually, there are lots of stuff that I'm happy for too! Heex. *yawns* I feel like sleeping soon. But just a picture of my 3 new buys!

My Pink/Red Shades!! Yesh! 'Bimbo' shades. (Sherwinnnn~ Bimbo! Hahax)

New Cap~ MTV! Wanted a cap for a loooong time. Now I'm looking for a Pink or Red cap.

My new ice-cream bag! Got it from Bugis Junction~! Wheeee!

Oh, one weird thing happened on Saturday morning. We found this right outside our doorstep.

LOL! Shoes for sale? Hahax! In any case, those do not belong to anyone in my family. Hahax.

Okie~ All for now. More next time! Nights people! XDD

Have a safe trip~

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