Sunday, January 3, 2010


Feeling lousy now..

Guess I finally realised what was the last piece to my extra emo-ness this year. I meant last year.

I'm glad that 2010 is here and I'm looking forward to lots of things. Though I know I've left behind lots of them in 2009, but they are memories. Memories that will be kept with me. Be it happy events like knowing the F4 family, studies and CAF 2009 or unhappy events like the departures of both my grandmothers and the feeling like I've lost part of my life which is not just due from their departures, I've really learnt a lot.

Now that I've realised the final piece of my emo-ness, guess it's time that I have to take action. I've been in a daze for too long.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to lots of things this new year! Like my graduation, possible trip to China & HK and this year will probably be the year where I decide where I'll be the next few years, work or study.

Yeaps~ I hope I will learn and grow more too because I know that I'm still childish at times and to be able to control and manage my emotions better.

Just had my 1st bawl of the year. Guess it helps me vents out my feelings that I was bottling inside for quite sometime.

Now I feel like some stone has been lifted off and I feel much more like myself~ =)

Can't wait for things to start rolling. I'm gonna need strength (more of the emotional side) to accomplish what I hope to.

Yoshh~!! Time for me to sleep as I've promised Xiang Min to sleep before 2am and its 1.48am now. Nights! XDD

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