Saturday, February 24, 2007


Don't ask me why!!!!

People are telling me not to keep my feelings to myself and voice out. I do voice out, but just not about my feelings. I don't know why, but I'm feeling some kind of depressed and though I really want to shout out loud, I can't. Simply because the neighbours will call the police and you guys will be visiting me at the IMH. If I'm not already inside. That was lame. Hahas.

Anyway, I'm really feeling quite down now and its not because of any moody hormones or whatever yall might think. I know some of your brains will be quite pervert.LOL. So, I'm really sorry if this post is kinda of emo, but just doing what some people are advising me to do: Voice Out.(Like I haven't been doing that all my life) BAH!

24/02/07 Midnight or is it 25th already?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Merry Merry Chinese New Year!!!

Boo, its a long long time since I've updated my blog. Hahas, today is da 1st of CNY and I love it!!!! Ka-ching, ka-ching KA-CHING!!! I hear the money rolling in. Lol. Anyway, kim, jabeez and the pig of the year came over to my house yesterday. We were watching the 1st new espisode of Naruto Season 2. No more fillers!! Whee!!!!! Okie dokie, enough for now. My friends just came over and are pestering me to watch some dvds!! Woot! Okay, Anyway, for the people who don't really know me: a short introduction about me.

こんにちは、私はJoanna Leng である。私のblog への歓迎。私がクリスチャンであり、animes についての極度の狂気であるという事実を除いて私について特別な何もない。はい、それはすべてである。ありがとう!



Saturday, February 3, 2007

Boo! I'm back.


So, i'm pretty busy these few weeks. I really am. hahas. 3 funerals in 3 weeks. Scary...not. Lol. Just came back from JJC 'Love Fiesta', their carnival. Well, I met up with some seniors there who are frm CHR and began crapping about the school. Ahhhh...I can't wait, or can I? I meant the results. I'm having sleepless nights 'cos of it. Sigh. Heeeelllllpppp moi...

Still rotting at home~
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