Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Its been a long time since I've blog. I've been to many places and done quite a lot of stuff, mainly going to Penang and did the water sports again. Christmas is here, so, have a merry christmas to all~~~

The main stuff that happened were EOY07, my debut cosplay, my trip to Penang and the Christmas celebrations that are currently on going at my house as I'm typing these. Hmm. Anyway, time to watch my animes, I'll blog more later. Jaa!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Anger Venting


I'm here to vent my anger. Due to some STUFF that happened, my blood is boiling...Anyone wants to eat boiled egg? Heex. I'm really pissed. Oh well. I.MUST.CHILL.

*breathes in, breathes out*

Fifi who is currently reading this while I type: I want boiled eggs!

Jo: *twitch*

Okay, so while Fifi is looking at this, I'll type it here. Thank you for doing most of the project access for us...though you were the crazy one to chiong it. Whahahaha. Thanks. I'll treat you to your sundae..................someday..

:P Okay, just came in here as I was pretty bored and also wanted a place to vent out my anger..heex. Okay, back to lesson and my fruits basket. Wheeee~

Sunday, November 11, 2007



I went out with the Stalkers Club from Sgcafe today. hahas, I had a really great time with them as usual. We went to eat Sakae buffet and went to Suntec as we wanted to slack at Manga oasis. However, the place was full so we went to Atsuki to play around. Eileen and I met Chen Feng(Ruka-pyon), Azmah, Lue Song and Diane there. We forced the guys frm Sgcafe to crossdress in Waloli, lolita and mixed. It was hilarious. But they were pretty sporting and so was the sales attendant. I think she had fun looking at the guys. It was a good thing I had to leave early or I might have to wear one costume too. Heex. I had a really really great time with them.

Speaking of costumes, EOY IS JUST ANOTHER 1 MORE MONTH!!!! whooo! I'm getting hyped up about it. Afterall, it is my debut cosplay. I just paraded my costume in front of my parents and they agreed that it looks nice. Heex. I'll be getting my Japanese school uniform soon and my school shoes next sat. Can't wait too!


Somehow, I feel like I've changed a lot. Really a lot. There were many things that I knew I disliked before, things that I know I'll never do them, things that I thought were impossible for me, are all happening to me now. Take cosplay for example, if you had told me last year I was going to cosplay at eoy07, I would have laughed in your face faster than you can say Draco Malfoy(^^). But here I am now, getting hyped up for cosplay and even more crazy about Japanese culture. I know I'm changing a lot. Maybe even my personality, the things I do, the things I wear. I really have no idea how did I changed till this. I was looking back today and found out that, I really changed a lot since last year, or even the beginning of Poly life. I think I was a little freaked out by myself today at how much I've changed. I really can't believe how much I've changed. Maybe only I can see the changes, but no matter how much I've changed, I really hope my friends (esp those I know since sec sch, since I think I've really changed quite a lot since then.EDIT: and also FIFI-cos she's bugging me about it as she's reading it nw. 2nd EDIT: I can predict what Kim will be saying, "esp Kim", so I'll type it here for her too.) will always be there. Heex...I feel so mushy and emo now..ROFL..

Okay! Time to go off now. Jaa~

Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Whooo!~ There's the Halloween-ish feeling all around me now. Last sat, Kim, Eileen and I went down to Far East to do some window shopping and to buy souvenirs for the Japanese Students that are coming down tomorrow. I totally can't wait for tomorrow. Wheee~ Though there are a few sacrifices that must be made, I'm totally willing. Okay, I'm a little lazy to blog but its not my fault, its just that...uhrmm..things sorta of happen and I was a little too busy. OKAY, never mind about that.

Last friday after school, I went to Fifi's house to celebrate Hari Raya...We went there and tried on her Baku Kurong I think. I didn't really try out much but was taking pictures of them. It was quite fun and stuff.

Last Saturday, Kim, Eileen and I went down town. There was a halloween celebration there and there were creepy characters like Davy Jones(POC), Sadako, Scream..etc etc etc. Kim and I took pics with all of them. Wanted to post them up, but am too lazy to Heex.

Its quite stressful nowadays and there's lots of things to be done. Not just school but home stuff too. Ahhh~ Tomorrow is coming!!~

Sunday, October 14, 2007


A new era is arriving.
The King is ill.
I'm unsure.
Have faith in God is what I have to do.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Front of the booklet
Back of the booklet
A poster Some of the notices that are pasted on the walls.
I went to play and I'm a level D shinobi!!!! LOL
One of the bands that was playing. I spy yukatas!!!
Here are some of the booths in the festival.
Japanese Festival Booth.

A glimpse of some Japan Uniform.
The rope pulling game.
The guy on the left is my tour guide. :P
Ball throwing game.
Whacking game.
The hammers make an 'poink poink' sound when u use it. And it says there on rules "Breaking of hammer will cost you 20 points" LOL..
Really like her yukata & obi.
The shooting game.
I managed to hit a 5 pointer, the Stitch.
The Uniform Booth.
The Detective/Murder/Mystery Booth.
I forgot what booth this is. :P
The eye candy Sweets Booth
The Haunted House Booth
Super long queue. It has the longest queue out of all.
Pink & Blue Stitch walking around.
Raccoon. The belly button is super cute. Hahas.
The raccoons are cute, but i'm cuter.
*Emos* Its another year till the next festival. *Emos*
I looked tanned in the picture...Bgoh: I'm nt that white. hahas.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


17th Seiransai

WHEEEEEE!!!!! I went to Waseda Shibuya Senior High School and its super cool. Wished I was borned in Japan. Oh well. They have a festival called Seiransai. Its totally awesome. The students set up booths and they have bands playing all the way and they had a haunted house, shinobi booths and tours and stuff. It was really cool mixing with Japanese people. Though the communication was limited to a point, but we all enjoyed ourselves. Hmmm..I went for the tour with my school people and afterwards, we started playing some Japanese games. The classrooms look great too. I only went to a few booths due to the time limit. I managed to go to the Japanese festivals booth where we played games like Yo-yo, Sniper and rope pulling and stuff. It was a bit like Natsu Matsuri. I didn't manage to get a Yo-yo though. hahas.
Afterwards, we went to the Shinobi booth where it was kinda of cool. We had to throw ropes around hooks to pull the wall down and cross over. Afterwards, we had to throw shurikens at target, and due to my bad aiming, I only got 1 in. hahas. We had to solve puzzles and stuff but the last part was cool when we had to crawl and slide up and down some obstacles. Hahas.

Haunted House
I went on to the Haunted House hearing that it was really good and the queueing took quite some time. The haunted house was really cool too. The way they set it up. And the rules were funny. One of the rules stated: Please do not hit or kick the ghosts. LOL...We only had a tiny little lamp and a bloody envelope to post in the haunted house. We(Azmah, Hakimah and I) went on well till I felt something on the floor. It seemed to me at that time it was a log..I nudged it with my foot, no feeling. I stepped on it gently, no feeling. I walked over it and looked closer on the floor and found out it was somebody's leg. I looked at the girl and said Hi. Though I think I was supposed to be scared. hahas. I was going 1st and when we didn't know which direction to go, I'll just ask and hands will pop out to show us which way to go. hahas. there was one time when a hand pop out to grab me, my reaction was to Hi-5 back and that was what I did. I didn't get scared by the 'ghosts' all the way and it was really cool. We had to crawl through a tunnel where a real person was lying down and I was poking the person wondering if he was a real person or a dummy. Hahas. I guess I was too busy looking for the key to open the door to really thing about it. Heex. There were slime at some places which were quite cool. But I really felt bad for some of the ghosts, I was just waving my hand and saying "Konichiwa" to them. heex. Gomen~ The last guy who tried to scare us before we left, well, we knew something like that was going to happen so we just said Bye to him and wished him luck. Hahas. Oh well, but overall, I really enjoyed myself soooooo much today. Sigh~

Friday, September 14, 2007


At last...

All my days of worrying are finally over. I woke up at 8am this morning, quite early, to check my results. When I got it, I was kinda of shocked. I didn't expect to get those results. Hahas. I managed to hit my target...exactly on the dot: 3.5 G.P.A. I'm quite satisfied with the fact that I managed to hit my target for the G.P.A...but I had wanted to score an 'A' in my accountings & Internet & Web but I guess I have to work harder for it. On the other hand, I was super shocked at my POM( Principles of Management) results. They were shocking!!! As in, really crazy. 1st of all, POM are all theory stuff and I only started studying when it was near the exam. So...what I got for it was really unexpected..for me. The 2 worst subject that I thought I would do badly were: Microeconomics & POM... Those that I thought I would do quite well was Statistics unless I suddenly have a brain freeze in the exam hall. Okay, here are my results as quite a few people are asking me about it:

Accountings: B
Microeconomics: B+ (shocking)
Statistics: Dist
Principles Of Management: Dist (Even more shocking)
Effective Oral: B ( Guess I can't talk well)
Internet & Web: B+
G.P.A: 3.500
2 Dist, 2 B+, 2B

Oh well, I guess there are always surprises in life. Hahas. Oh well, guess I must have a new goal now, my G.P.A target will be 3.7. Hahas..I heard crazy Jabez got 4..crazy but hardworking fellow. Gambatte to all!!!!

Oh yea, I've finished watching 1 litre of tears and all I can say that, I've probably cried 1 litre of tears. Really, I've never cried so much when watching a show. Its seriously very touching, nice and sad. ahhhhh!~ Going to rewatch it again. now...hahas..

Hopefully, I will be able to blog tmr. But I'm gg to a Japanese senior high school!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!! I can't wait. Whahahahahaha. Its a school festival they are having..like those you see in animes. Lol. Japanese Japanese Japanese!!!

At last I've updated my blog. Phewww..or Kim is going to start bugging me to update my blog. Okie dokie. See ya soon.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I'm turning into a couch potato...I did nothing except watch movies & tv for the whole day. Hahas..I went to the Zoo ytd!!! Wheee~ Its been a looong time since I last went which was went I was in Primary School I guess..Hahas. Nothing much to blog about. Will be gg to meet Jeanie-Beanie tmr to watch License to Wed. Am bored at home. Finished clearing out all my soft toys now. My room looks much better. heex.

Being really random: My DumDum wants to speak.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007



I went stoning at ECP with Kim, Bez, Bgoh & Chiang. I didn't want to blog, but looking at the pictures, made me think of a few comments to put down...

The people who went to ECP...

Chiang's skateboard...

WOOT!!!!! Chiang & Jo: WE'RE FLYING!!!! Bez: Are they crazy??? Ben: *emos*
Chiang: Emo no more Ben, I'm here to save you, just learn taichi from me. WHUA!

Suicidal Beach

Can you guess who are trying to commit suicide?

Not the one laughing like mad..the one holding the guitar...

You jump, I jump...

Jabez really loves that umbrella right...but the real qn is, who's the one commiting suicide with Bgoh???

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Natsu Matsuri

25/08/07- NATSU MATSURI!~

Woot!~ NM rocks! Though I went there as a volunteer, it was still cool. Hahas.
Before I went to NM, I met up with some of my friends, Eileen, Raimu, Kei, Zelmer & VoodooDooDoo. We went to NLB to attend a props making session and when we got there, we just sat around and introduced ourselves and stuff like that. Over there, I met Pop Kei who is in my Cosfest 08 Cosplay team and lots of other people from SgCafe. We introduced ourselves and looked at the props they made. 3 words for them: They are pro. We sat there for quite A LONG TIME, waiting for Doodoo to show up and it turned out that he was sitting just right behind us all the time. Sheesh. hahas. We went to Bugis Junction and ate at yoshinoya where Doodoo started falling in love with his Today newspaper. Zelmer tried to win Doodoo's love by sitting closer to him and so on..LOL. It was cool. We went to a nearby place to take some pictures and went a little high. Hahas.

Afterwards, we went to manga oasis and shortly, I had to leave for my NM gathering at NYP. I was a volunteer so I couldn't wear my yukata and stuff. But it was still fun. I met up with Eileen, Kei, Raimu & Doodoo when they all reached NM. The place is filled with Japanese people and there is a feeling of Japan in the air. Sigh!~ Makes me wonder if this is the type of life I'll get if I live in Japan. hahas. We went around eating ice-cream and watched a few performances. SJCC JMD rocks! So high. But their dancing were really cool. LOL. All super hyper.

We walked around the stalls after that and the kids in yukata are super cute. I wanted to kidnap some of them back(and no, I'm not a paedophile) I didn't manage to play any games as the queues were quite long and I had to report for 'Cleaning Duty' soon. We went a little high and there was 1 part where a cute little Japanese boy whacked one of my friends, Doodoo, on the butt 4 times. LOL. I've no idea why he did that but, oh well. hahas. We walked around and tried to break some sodas bottle so we could take out the marbles but to no avail. I met quite a few cosplayers at NM though.

Soon, I had to go for Cleaning Duty but due to the good manners of the Japanese people, there were little litter to pick up and I wanted to pick a few Japanese kids and smuggle them home in my rubbish bag. Heex. I met Zelmer and he gave me and Eileen a yoyo(water balloon) each. Zelmer: I shall be nice and just call you a nice hentai jiji. Heex. :P The Cleaning Duty was fun, hahas..but I won't clean up any of your houses. I'll only clean the houses of Japanese people. Whahahahaha. Okie, shan't say anymore, a picture's worth a thousand words. Overall, I only have 1 word to describe my whole day yesterday: AWESOME!!!!

My Natsu Matsuri Shirt

Doodoo & Zelmer

We were trying to imitate the statues.
Left to right: Zelmer, Kei, Me & Eileen

Imitating the statues again
Left to Right: Doodoo(Voodoo), Me, Eileen & Kei.
Group Hug This was our whole group, spent the morning and afternoon with them Heex.
Left to right: Zelmer, DooDoo,Kei, Raimu, Jo & Eileen
These few pictures were taken by me, and let's just say I've a knack for funny candid shots.

Zelmer, the NICE hentai(pervert) jiji.

DooDoo, the EVIL hentai girl guy.

Taken by Zelmer wheile we were walking to Suntec.
Natsu Matsuri!~ I only took a few photos since I didn't bring my camera there.

Before it started.

Yukatas~ I shall wear one next year. heex.

My Udon. Its nice and very filling.

The yoyo(balloon) Zelmer gave me. Sankyuu Zelmer!~

I had a great day yesterday. It was fun and tiring. SJCC rocks. heex. We(meaning Raimu, Kei, Eileen, Zelmer, Doodoo & me) ROCKS!~ hahas..
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