Friday, September 14, 2007


At last...

All my days of worrying are finally over. I woke up at 8am this morning, quite early, to check my results. When I got it, I was kinda of shocked. I didn't expect to get those results. Hahas. I managed to hit my target...exactly on the dot: 3.5 G.P.A. I'm quite satisfied with the fact that I managed to hit my target for the G.P.A...but I had wanted to score an 'A' in my accountings & Internet & Web but I guess I have to work harder for it. On the other hand, I was super shocked at my POM( Principles of Management) results. They were shocking!!! As in, really crazy. 1st of all, POM are all theory stuff and I only started studying when it was near the exam. So...what I got for it was really unexpected..for me. The 2 worst subject that I thought I would do badly were: Microeconomics & POM... Those that I thought I would do quite well was Statistics unless I suddenly have a brain freeze in the exam hall. Okay, here are my results as quite a few people are asking me about it:

Accountings: B
Microeconomics: B+ (shocking)
Statistics: Dist
Principles Of Management: Dist (Even more shocking)
Effective Oral: B ( Guess I can't talk well)
Internet & Web: B+
G.P.A: 3.500
2 Dist, 2 B+, 2B

Oh well, I guess there are always surprises in life. Hahas. Oh well, guess I must have a new goal now, my G.P.A target will be 3.7. Hahas..I heard crazy Jabez got 4..crazy but hardworking fellow. Gambatte to all!!!!

Oh yea, I've finished watching 1 litre of tears and all I can say that, I've probably cried 1 litre of tears. Really, I've never cried so much when watching a show. Its seriously very touching, nice and sad. ahhhhh!~ Going to rewatch it again. now...hahas..

Hopefully, I will be able to blog tmr. But I'm gg to a Japanese senior high school!!!!! WAHOOO!!!!! I can't wait. Whahahahahaha. Its a school festival they are those you see in animes. Lol. Japanese Japanese Japanese!!!

At last I've updated my blog. Phewww..or Kim is going to start bugging me to update my blog. Okie dokie. See ya soon.

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