Sunday, September 16, 2007

Front of the booklet
Back of the booklet
A poster Some of the notices that are pasted on the walls.
I went to play and I'm a level D shinobi!!!! LOL
One of the bands that was playing. I spy yukatas!!!
Here are some of the booths in the festival.
Japanese Festival Booth.

A glimpse of some Japan Uniform.
The rope pulling game.
The guy on the left is my tour guide. :P
Ball throwing game.
Whacking game.
The hammers make an 'poink poink' sound when u use it. And it says there on rules "Breaking of hammer will cost you 20 points" LOL..
Really like her yukata & obi.
The shooting game.
I managed to hit a 5 pointer, the Stitch.
The Uniform Booth.
The Detective/Murder/Mystery Booth.
I forgot what booth this is. :P
The eye candy Sweets Booth
The Haunted House Booth
Super long queue. It has the longest queue out of all.
Pink & Blue Stitch walking around.
Raccoon. The belly button is super cute. Hahas.
The raccoons are cute, but i'm cuter.
*Emos* Its another year till the next festival. *Emos*
I looked tanned in the picture...Bgoh: I'm nt that white. hahas.

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